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10 Reasons Why You Should Use Wall Decals When Decorating

If there's one thing nobody should ever bother themselves to compromise on, it's the look and statement of their living space. People change their living rooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and bedrooms almost as often as they change their wardrobe. Today its new throw pillows, tomorrow it’s going to be new curtains, painting a new wall, or even buying a new stereo, or furniture.

One of the easiest solutions to brightening up your living premises is the use of wall decals. When decorating your space, wall decals are a fantastic option worth considering. Here are the top ten reasons why wall decals reign supreme when decorating:

1. They Are Trendy, Chic, and Authentic

Nobody is painting walls anymore, so why are you? Wall decals/ Wall Stickers are the trends and you don’t want to be left behind. Wall decals will give your rooms a stylish and up-to-the-minute look.

JRDecal Quote wall stickering

Vinyl wall stickers are authentic, fashionable and gorgeous. What’s even better is that you can customize them as you’d prefer such as having your name printed to appear as if it is resting deep in the ocean. Wall decals allow you to be creative and personal with your wall space and you’re guaranteed to not ever see the idea elsewhere.

Gorgeous comes without saying, stickers are a work of art, printed by high-quality digital machines with perfect colour tones, scale, and symmetry.

2. Affordable

If you're looking for a great artistic effect in your home that won't threaten your pocket, wall stickers are the way to go. Murals and Wall Art paintings call for heavy purchase capital, not to mention the labour involved in installing them which will also incur a certain amount of money.

nursery wall stickers

Paintings are quite costly, unlike vinyl stickers which are cheap to purchase and install. You can literally get them for as low as £12! Their cost-efficiency has greatly contributed to wall stickers becoming extremely popular for households and businesses.

3. Diversity of Selections

Forget painting walls; how many options of colours are there anyway? 100? Your contemporary walls will have a range of thousands of options when it comes to wall decals. Vinyl wall stickers are available in all shades, colours, forms, and patterns.

Wallpaper decals are not simply fancy patterns on the wall with a couple or more repetitive shapes. There are many options in the form of impactful prints, large stunning photos, and even 3D wallpaper that are available. Decals for walls are perfect in creating a beautiful optical illusion for your space.

forest wall stickers uk

Wall stickers will help you create a different ambience for every room since the options are numerous. For example, you can have an image of natural scenery for your living room, cartoons for your kids' rooms, and inspirational wall quotes for yours.

4. Easy Application

The process of installing decorative stickers on your home is easy and can be carried out by anyone. It just involves peeling off the backside paper off, placing the paper on your wall, and smoothening it softly, to ensure it sticks evenly. The entire beautification process will only take you a few minutes, depending on the number of walls you’ll be doing. Tutorial: How to apply wall stickers?

5. The Result Is Immediate

The process of self-adhesive wall stickers decorating will only take you a couple of minutes and within no time, your wall is transformed. They come in handy during those times when we feel impulsive and want to change up our living room or when you’re planning on having visitors and feel as though your walls are not up to par. Now compare that to wall painting which is not only tedious but time-consuming as it requires more time to dry.

6. Non-Invasive

Vinyl wall stickers are a good bet as they barely invade our day to day lives during application or removal. Painting walls, on the other hand, involves moving furniture and covering it to avoid them from getting smeared by the paint. Some people will even move houses until the paint dries because they simply cannot stand the smell of paint.

7. Wall Decals are Not Permanent

Gone are the days when you had to live with a certain paint on your walls that irks you every time you get home. These days, wall decals allow you to change a displeasing result immediately.

Sometimes we make mistakes in colour choice, pattern choice, and only after application do we realize that our choice of décor was off. Stickers give you a second, third and fourth chance without wasting too much time, or driving our pockets broke since all you have to do is peel it gently from your wall.

8. Damage-Free After Removal

Contrary to wallpapers and wall hangings, removable wall decals when gently removed leave no evidence or clue behind indicating that they were there. Once taken down, all that remains is the wall as was before. Wall hangings and wallpapers leave behind traces like screws, nails, and shreds of stuck paper.

It, therefore, becomes quite the effort to change up the style of a room. Vinyl stickers grant you the freedom to consistently revamping your walls without needing too much work.

9. End Product More Reassuring, Less Risk Involved

God forbid that you get yourself a shoddy painter. What you thought would be your artistic wall will end up being a great disappointment, after investing a ton of money.

So how do you avoid the risk of not getting what you dream of? Wall Decals!
On purchase, you see what you get. There are no raw deals. They are in themselves a finished product and all you have to do is place them over the wall.

10. Usable for Different Kinds of Surfaces

Removable wall decals are made of vinyl from a commercial vinyl cutter, therefore usable on different kinds of surfaces. They can thus be used on other rooms in the house to complement the look of the walls. The quality of decals also makes them an easy and beautiful solution on wall patches, to hide damaged areas.

A House Has Walls but a Home Has Love

We can all agree that nothing beats the efficiency of wall decals in brightening up your living space. They are simple, creative, customizable, and pocket-friendly.
Tired of looking at unfashionable wall decorative colours? Then digital wall art is the way to go!

Continue reading our blog on more tips on how to beautify your walls.

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