Inspiration by Lionel Messi Quote Wall Stickers

There are great football teams and there are legendary teams. If someone were to ask you to name the world’s greatest club team, you would probably say Barcelona. By the same token, there are great players, there are legendary players, there are icons and then there’s Lionel Messi. Not only is he considered to be one of the greatest players of all time and certainly the world’s current best footballer - but he plays for Barcelona and scores most of their goals! This 1 m 70 Argentinian has already been declared to be the natural successor to another Argentinian legend – Diego Maradona…… and it was Maradona himself, who declared messy to be his successor.

We all need our heroes and we all like to see our heroes. Unfortunately for many of us, the only time we are likely to see the ‘greats’ like Messi playing football is on a television screen. But if you want to be reminded of them as part of your everyday life because they inspire you, you have the opportunity to not just have a tiny poster or photograph but a large decal on your bedroom wall or even on your child’s bedroom wall! My personal choice would be the biggest Lionel Messi Quote Wall stickers I could find, but you’ll be pleased to know that they do come in several sizes and styles.  It currently looks as if Messi will continue to be a football great for quite a few years to come. And in fact his second goal against Bayern Munich of last season’s champions league semi-final was voted the UEFA goal of the season. On the day he won an award for the goal of the season, you will be surprised to hear that he was also voted the UEFA best player in Europe for the second time. Yes, there are several versions of large-format footballer decals available but the most competitively priced and attractive ones are currently being distributed by Just go to their site and enter MESSI and prepare to be pleasantly surprised. Messi is one of the very few players for whom the title ‘icon’ is not an exaggeration. By the time he was 21, he had received the Ballon d’Or and FIFA world player of the year nominations. Not only has he won the Ballon d’Or three times, but he is already Barcelona’s highest ever goal-scorer and recently he became the highest scorer in the Spanish La Liga as well as the highest ever scorer in the champions league. He deserves to be on all of our walls! Go and pay JRdecal a visit - while they still have the stock.

J Haider

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