Boys room decoration Idea with Disney personalised wall stickers

Now that you’re a parent with young children, you know that one of the greatest gifts that you can give them is to fire their imaginations at every opportunity. One of the best times to interact with your child is at bedtime, in their room or during bath time and as you know, it’s always a good thing if you can persuade them to look forward to their bath or sleep time!! There are many bedroom and bathroom wall decorations available for young kids but most of them require both a large financial layout, time and often a lot of hard work for you. So how do you go about personalising their room for them, using characters they know and love? And isn’t it always good to know that your child can experience the same magic that you experienced all those years ago when you were their age. Favourite children’s characters seem to come and go, with each generation having its particular favourite but there is one set of characters which after a 90 years or so have become a tradition.

Mickey Mouse wall decal

Of course we’re talking about those Disney characters!  The daddy of them all is of course Mickey Mouse and he seems to be permanently present in all our lives. However, sadly all children do grow up and you don’t want to be changing the bedroom wallpaper every time your child adopts a different favourite character. That is why the modern way is the Vinyl wall sticker, which goes on quickly and can come off even faster! What is special about our official Disney Mickey stickers and decals is that we can personalise them for you so that young Jimmy or Oscar can not only have a fine Mickey sticker on the wall, in any size that you want, but it can have his name on it too. If your child loves Mickey Mouse as much as you did, and you are reading Mickey Mouse books to him, imagine the additional impact of Mickey looking down from the wall as you read or tell him a Mickey story or even watch a Mickey cartoon. Of course, the obvious advantage of  a Mickey Mouse wall sticker, is that you can transform your child’s bedroom or bathroom in minutes! Imagine his surprise and joy when he  experiences his hero on the bedroom wall for the first time! The very competitive price of the stickers also means that they make excellent birthday or Christmas presents for someone else’s parents to apply to their child’s bedroom wall. By the way, Minnie Mouse is also featured on some of our stickers, and if you click through our Nursery wall sticker section, you will see that as your child grows and perhaps develops a liking for other heroes or subjects, we have decals and stickers for them too……. All with the minimum amount of work you. Now that makeover of your child’s bedroom or bathroom is within your reach, with Disney Personalised Wall stickers of all sizes , you can transform a room in a very unusual and magical way. As mentioned above, you can personalise your child’s room by having their name on their Disney sticker, but if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can customise your work even further by adding say a beautiful Name Monogram  for that individual touch. Never has room transformation been so easy!

J Haider

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