The most beautiful wall sticker Minnie Mouse designs for your newborn baby Girl’s room

Clean the WALL, Apply the STICKER and see the SMILE! The first choice is Disney Minnie Mouse sticker for newborn baby girl. You can choose the Minnie stickers as you like from lots of different design. For example; Disney Minnie Mouse with a Crown on her head instead of a bow! You can choose the color from 16 different variation the one is suitable on your baby room wall. Like; dark pink, bright yellow or Red Minnie mouse or total Black color. You can customized the Minnie with your baby girl name, like ; Princess Emillie. That will look so pretty if you have lots of butterflies and stars around the Minnie and your baby girl name. 

Minnie mouse Vinyl wall decals

They have few more Minnie mouse wall decal design at the same time.

J Haider

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