How to Decorate Girls Room with Personalized Vinyl Wall Stickers

Young girls are inspired by their favorite Disney princesses and cartoon characters. After watching their amazing adventures onscreen, or reading about their stories from books, it is not surprising that little girls are motivated to collect items that feature the likeness of their animated idols. They also clamor for decorative room items that showcase the likeness of their favorite characters. Some of the most sought after room decors today are vinyl wall stickers featuring beloved animated characters. Let us explore popular options.

Disney Princess wall stickers

Frozen” is one of the most popular animated movies of all time, and Princess Elsa has captured the hearts of many young girls worldwide. Princess Elsa decal mural vinyl décor are now available in 17 colors. Manufacturers assure that the wall sticker lasts for as long as seven years once applied on a painted wall. The Princess Elsa stickers may also be placed on other plain surfaces such as motor vehicles. There are various sizes to choose from. The high quality adhesive substance used does not leave a mark when removed. No worries about chipped of peeled off wall paint. The stickers are not reusable, though. But, they are easy to apply. All you need to do is make sure that the surface is clean and you can place the sticker wherever you like. 


Princess Elsa vinyl wall stickers are quite popular. Kids love them because the décor reminds them of their favorite Disney princess. Parents love them because they are versatile and sticks to different type of surfaces, including wooden, aluminum, and plastic surfaces, as well as mirrors and surfaces made from glass. Aside from Princess Elsa, Princess Belle, Princess Jasmine, and Princess Cinderella stickers are available as well.

Disney Princess Cinderella Wall Decals


Disney wall quote vinyl decal

Minnie Mouse is one of the most enduring cartoon characters from Disney. Minnie Mouse is the cute and demure partner of Mickey Mouse. Generations of children know of their adventures together from watching classic Disney movies, or from reading books written with them as the main characters. Minnie Mouse decor is definitely an appropriate choice for you little girl’s room. Minnie Mouse is a very feminine character, and she lights up the place with her lovely attire and contagious smile.


There is no female cartoon character like Minnie Mouse, and so another great choice of room decor the Disney Minnie Mouse “LITTLE GIRLS DREAMS MAGICAL THINGS” wall quote. This quote is in reference to the beautiful dreams that little girls have when they slumber. It is also a reminder to parents of their responsibility to provide the best that they can to their little girls so that they only dream of wonderful and magical things. For this Disney wall quote vinyl decal, there are two available sizes and 16 different colors. The design of the Minnie Mouse wall quote is sure to animate any room it is placed in. It’s quite popular as a nursery room wall decor, but it may also be used in older girls’ rooms, as well as a decoration for an outdoor setting such as designated play area.

Minnie Mouse wall decal

If the requirement is a brightly colored wall design that features an unforgettable Disney character, the Minnie Mouse wall decal is a great choice. Girls love Minnie Mouse, and little girls who can’t get enough of this Disney character will definitely enjoy every minute they spend in their bedroom or play room. When they are surrounded by Minnie Mouse wall stickers, Minnie Polka dots, or Minnie Mouse with Bow wall decor, your children will get a boost of energy and inspiration. The vitality of Minnie Mouse is highly contagious and affects the room’s occupants. Your little girl’s face is sure to light up every time she enters the room.

Disney Minnie Mouse Personalized Decals


The Minnie Mouse wall decal vinyl stickers are 100% guaranteed made from high quality materials. Young kids are safe to be around them. They may be removed quickly, and are easy to apply using vinyl squeegee tools. Minnie Mouse wall decal stickers come in three sizes. They are also good gift ideas since there are 16 colors available, which fit individual preferences. There are plenty of fun choices no matter what the child’s age.

Disney Minnie Mouse Crown Personalized Decals

Personalized Monogram wall stickers

Parents who are looking for a unique decorative item for a baby girl’s nursery can always opt for Custom Name Monogram Princess Crown Nursery Girls Vinyl Stickers Wall Art. Why should you settle for décor that does not stand out when personalized items are available?

Custom Name Monogram Princess Crown Vinyl Wall Stickers


The personalized monogram wall stickers are brightly colored decorative items adorned with flowers and butterflies. They are stunning to look at and perfect for little girls’ rooms. Custom monogram vinyl wall décor are available in three sizes. The stickers can be placed on a painted wall, on smooth wall paper, on plain wooden surfaces, and on aluminium and plastic surfaces.

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