25 ideas

  1. Replace bonsai with flower pot.

 Replace bonsai with flower pot

Image source: evis-design-home.blogspot.ca 

What would happen if a bonsai arranged on the table instead of the flower pot.? Since it is a tree, it can help purify air and would collaborate to removing harmful chemicals in the house. Bonsai will adds beauty to your home and gives a natural ambience. It also can give health benefits to you, your kids and your lovely puppies!  So if you want to change the look of your indoor, you can place bonsai.


  1. Get advantage from sunlight

Get advantage from sunlight

Image source: homedesignlover.com

It’s not possible to bring the sun in your bed room and enjoy the sun and bedroom facilities both at a time. But you can do it with an amazing way, by letting the sunlight in and maximize the daylight.

Let your windows face to south and get maximum sunlight, using daylight instead of electrical light can reduce your electric bills which is a great advantage to you. Electrical light does not carry vitamin as sunlight does. So generally you will be healthier in the sunlight rather than electric light!


 3. Apply energy saving light

Though, it’s impossible to bring sunlight at every corner in the house, so we have to use electric light. In this case you can use a compact fluorescent light which can reduce bills by saving energy power.

Apply energy saving light

Image source: blog.ultraleds.co.uk

It can also prevent the emission of greenhouse gasses and keeps the environment healthy. With this kind of energy-efficient light, you can decorate your house more illuminate.


  1. Choose products with low VOC content.

Some products like paints, household tools, furniture, carpets etc. shares a volatile organic compound (VOC) which harmful for human body! So it’s really important to check these products before you buy. Many kinds of household product do not ejaculate VOC, and some products have low of it. So if it is impossible to find VOC less products then you can buy those which have low VOC.

 Choose products with low VOC content.

  Image source: blog.ultraleds.co.uk/huffingtonpost.com/section/huffpost-home


  1. Eco-friendly wall coverings.

 Eco-friendly wall coverings.

Image source: betterlivingthroughdesign.com

We appreciate that wall paints enhance the beauty of the house, but some paints ejaculate harmful elements. Here we advise you to use the wallpapers to cover your walls. If you want to use something different on the wall, then wood panels or ceramic tiles also preferable for you and these are totally eco-friendly and beautiful.


  1. Apply stone or wood for the flooring

 When your guest comes in your house, they first ignore your floor. Isn’t bad? So like to decorate your walls, you need to design your floor. You can try wooden parquet, laminated flooring, etc. These are attractive, comfortable and also Eco-friendly which represent your personal touch to the guest.

 Apply stone or wood for the flooring

  Image source: hardwoodfloorspecialists.com


  1. Apply wool-stuffed organic materials

Which is the most important room in your house? Obviously it is a bedroom. But your bed can produce dust mites which is not healthy for you and your children.

Apply wool-stuffed organic materials

Image source: homedesignlover.com

So bring that kind of cushion, pillows, carpets and beddings that made from eco-friendly products and keeps healthy to your room.


  1. Water barrels

 Water barrelsWater barrels

Image source: instructables.com

Saving water is the most important fact nowadays. So in bathroom, use water saving high quality low flush toilet and low flow shower for water savings. Bring a rainwater barrels to get fresh water. In rainy season you can reserve water and can use it after the season too. So it’s an effective, smart and easy idea.


  1. Green roofing

Covering the roof with green carpet or plants is the amazing idea for home decoration. Green roofing wonderfully provides comfortable, pleasant and happy look.

Green roofing

Image source: goathouse.blogspot.com

In summer, it is maintaining the temperature of the interiors and brings the fresh sir. So you do not need to use A/C, can reduce your electricity bills. Also green roofing can save you from heavy storm water runoff.


  1. Tree branch as a shelf

Another effective idea is using a tree branch as a shelf. Aside from the low cost, it will give charming looks and personal touch. You just need to use some drilling on the wall and hang it, put some toys or flower pot with flower. It will change the look your wall.

 Tree branch as a shelf

Image source: pinterest.com


  1. Use recycles bottles


If you have abandoned bottles and thinking that where to through, then we are here to stop you. You can use those bottles, as a flower tub instead of genuine tub. It means you are going to reuse these and saving some money for you.

Use recycles bottles

Bottles usually non-heavy product and soft, and there is less chance to break. So don’t keep your balcony/veranda empty and put some bottles, flower tubs in your own handmade and give it a personal touch.



  1. Old tires as dog bed


Do you have pets? And you want a certain place for it in your house?

Old tires as dog bed

Then collect one or two old abandoned tires for your pet as a bed. First, you just need to wash it, and then color it if you want. Get some tiny pillows or cushion and set it in the center of the tire. Your pet will love it very much, and he will never lay down anywhere in the house.



  1. Old tires as table


Another lovely idea has come here for you. Old heavy tires can turn into a nice, wonderful tea table for you! Pick two or three car tires, color it with white, blue, yellow or red, etc. and put a suitable round glass on it. Now what? You can move it any place your house, even veranda, terrace, compound anywhere you want.

Old tires as table


  1. Old tires as garbage can

Old tires as garbage can


‘Garbage can’ is one of the important parts of any house. If you have enough abandoned tires, then you can use it as a garbage can. It’s not looking cheap, it gives another own style to you. Set three or four tires on one another, color it with your favorite color. Put a polythene garbage bag in the tires, because after use it you can change every time.


  1. Toilet paper rolls as pen holder


Usually what you do with toilet paper roll? Trashes it in a dustbin right?

Toilet paper rolls as pen holder

Don’t waste it; you can turn it into a pen holder. Pick few of them, give your favorite color. You can also add a sticker on it; can do art with cartoon, nature, etc. So it seems you are saving money, recycling and reusing eco-friendly products. By the way, you can use it as a spoon holder also!

  1. Toilet paper rolls as jewelry holder


Yes, it’s already seems that toilet paper rolls can use in many ways!

Toilet paper rolls as jewelry holder

Sometimes you feel disturbed about sorting your jewelry. Here toilet paper roll brings an easy solution to you. You can use different size of roll for different type jewelry like bracelets, necklaces, bangles etc. So you can sort your jewelry problems with a simple way. And obviously it’s eco-friendly.

  1. eco-friendly curtain

eco-friendly curtain


Jute is totally natural products and obviously eco-friendly. Designers are so creative that they created jute curtains just only think about you. You can buy hard jute to cover up the windows instead of soft jute fabric. Because it can prevent the heat from the outside and keeps inside cool. You can buy blindly a jute curtain which gives a fully traditional look to your house and make it more attractive.


  1. Eco-friendly dishes


Did you hear about eco-friendly dishes before? Some eco-friendly dishes are made from hand-picked fallen palm leaves. It is known also as Areca leaf plates, betel nuts plats and natural plats. If you invite up to 30 guests then it is very much painful for you to wash dishes. Ok, here is another easy option for you. You can buy natural plates and can serve your delicious recipe with it. This type of eco-friendly plates is disposable so that you need not to worry about wash it.

Eco-friendly dishes


Nowadays, it’s easy to find home cleaning stuffs in the market.

Eco-friendly home cleaners

But the question is, are those harmful to us? Yes, it is, because those cleaning elements ejaculate harmful chemical components. But you are not helpless; you can replace them with white vinegar, tea tree oil, water and baking soda. Aside from the harmless for the environment, after use it you will get the same cleaning result.


  1. Solar panels

Solar panels


Solar is one of the finest inventions in the world. And it is the most eco-friendly power source and reachable to everyone. It’s easy to find in any market in different size so that you can carry it anywhere. Reasonable price, non-heavy, easy carriageable, eco-friendly and available in the market are the reasons that you can’t ignore it.


  1. Eco-friendly cutting board


A cutting board from the recycle elements is so eco-friendly. There have some of the materials that comprise eco-friendly cutting boards; those are recycled paper, flax, cork etc.

 Eco-friendly cutting board


  1. Bamboo mirror frame


It goes without saying that bamboo is the perfect natural elements which can be used as furniture, wall mates, poles, etc. You can use it as a mirror frame too. To get a nice mirror frame, make some slices equally from bamboo sticks. Then connect them by using glue around the mirror's edge. It will give pretty looks to your mirror.

Bamboo mirror frame


  1. Bamboo candle holder


Even in this twenty first century, we use candles beside electricity lights. The candle is so attractive to us that many designer inventing ideas about it and changing it and its holder.

Bamboo candle holder

So here, bamboo candle holder is one of the attractive ideas we got. Aside from the Eco-friendly, it will give soft and comfortable weather to you.


  1. Bamboo swing


Swing is one of the attractive things in the world for any age person. And if this thing made with bamboo then it will be attractive and lovely both. Swing can be used at your garden, balcony or even in your house roof. So pick some bamboo sticks, cut them and make a lovely swing for you.

 Bamboo swing


  1. Bamboo bench

Bamboo bench


People always love nature and its elements. Bamboo is the natural elements which can directly turn into furniture. Bamboo bench is low cost, sustainable, and eco-friendly. It gives natural feels to everyone. So use bamboo bench instead of the sofa and be a friend of the environment.

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