Ayatul Kursi Islamic Wall Art Sticker JRD5


Size Details:
Size1: 122 cm (W) X 56cm (H) will come in 1 piece. 
Size2: 145 cm (W) X 70cm (H) will come in 2 pieces.

A very awe-striking piece of Islamic Wall Art decal, based on Islamic calligraphy done for the entire Ayat ul Kursi . This beautiful Verse has a very special importance in the Quran and it conveys a powerful message of submitting to His Oneness, praising Him and admitting Him to Be Ever Living and Owner of all that is within the skies and the land. A beautiful reminder that will also become a source of immense blessings inside your home or workplace, it is available in several colors and sizes. Feel free to choose any of them!

Arabic:  آية الكرسي 
Transliteration: Āyat-ul-Kursī
Source: Al-Baqara 255

Overview Where to use
  • Hand Made
  • Made to Order
  • Materials:
    • 5 years Vinyl paper
    • Paper Application Tape
  • Made in a Smoke Free environment
  • Eco friendly
  • and it's harmless non-toxic, it safe for children's bedrooms
  • Complete 'how to apply' instruction will be provided
  • Glasses/Mirror
  • Painted Wall
  • Wooden Surface
  • Tiles
  • Aluminium Surface
  • Plastics
  • Smooth Wall paper
  • It's 100% removable, will no damage to paintwork/wall,
  • Not Reusable

Note: Not removable from wall papers. All surface need to be clean and dry.

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