Lionel Messi "Best Decisions" Footballer wall sticker

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Size Available

Small: Messi 56cm(H) X 30cm(W) + Quote 30cm (H) X 42cm(W)

Medium: Messi 80cm(H) X 40cm(W) + Quote 40cm (H) X 57cm(W)

 Large: Messi 112cm(H) X 56cm(W) + Quote 56cm (H) X 71cm(W)

Inspire your kids with a daily reminder and encouragement from none other than the football genius himself, FC Barcelona player Lionel Messi. This footballer wall sticker features an image of the famous Argentine professional football player and the words, “The best decisions aren’t made with your mind but with your instinct.” Have it displayed in your budding football player’s bedroom, or any place where he is sure to see it every day. This Messi quote wall art comes in three sizes to fit your blank space better. It comes in different colours to suit your design and made with non-toxic materials that is safe for use around children.  Outstanding sports stickers for you.

 Overview Where to use
  • Hand Made
  • Made to Order
  • Materials:
    • 5 years Vinyl paper 
    • Paper Application Tape
  • Made in a Smoke Free environment
  • Eco friendly 
  • and it's harmless non-toxic, it safe for children's bedrooms
  • Complete 'how to apply' instruction will be provided
  • Glasses/Mirror
  • Painted Wall
  • Wooden Surface
  • Tiles
  • Aluminium Surface
  • Plastics
  • Smooth Wall paper
  • It's 100% removable, will no damage to paintwork/wall,
  • Not Reusable

Note: Not removable from wall papers. All surface need to be clean and dry.

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