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Superheros are often disguised as sons - Personalized wall sticker

People would love to see their favorite quote on their wall. We received a number of requests every month to make their personalized wall stickers and they send picture of what they want. “Superheros are often disguised as sons” personalized wall sticker: On the 9th November, 2015 I received an email with a subject called ‘Idea for wall sticker’ with a picture. Her query was ‘Do you think you would be able to copy this as a wall sticker?

Personalized Wall Stickers

After I say yes, I can convert it to real wall decal; she wanted to see a preview of what I actually mean! And I made the first picture and sent to her. It was in black so she wanted to see in blue. No time needed to turn it in blue. I sent again and she liked that very much. I let her know the size I can do and the total price. For the UK, we never charge for shipping. So, it was only for the product.


Her sticker was dispatched on 12th November, 2015. She sends me a picture with a great feedback! 


“Very happy with my order, please see a photo of the finished product on the wall, I'm happy for you to use on any of your sites. Thanks for the order, love it” - Rebecca
Please contact us if you need one.

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