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JR Decal FAQs

Before you buy wall stickers you can read some basic information's about our wall stickers. If you think still you need more to know, just knock our customer service team, they are always ready for help. 

1. What is Wall Sticker?

Wall stickers, also known as wall decal, wall tattoo, wall vinyl, wall art which is self adhesive can be affixed to a wall or any plain surface for decoration or informational purpose. Wall stickers are made of vinyl materials. 

They have 3 layers. 

1st - Application tape can be clear or paper tape

2nd - sticker layer which is main layer

3rd -  backing paper

Vinyl wall stickers mostly come in single colour.

2. What surfaces can wall stickers be suitable for?

Wall stickers are suitable for paint, glass, metal, plastic, wood, tiles, mirror, drywall and vehicles as well as many more. 

3. How to buy a custom sticker?

We offer custom wall stickers. Send us an email with your requirements. For example: what are you looking for exactly? Either you can send us by drawing them on your notebook or you can send us an image. The size you want and the colour. You can explore our colour chart here. Our in-house team of highly skilled graphics designer, artworkers and production crew will make your imagination into stickers. The price starts from only £30 and will differ for size and design.

4. Do wall stickers damage walls?

No, our high quality stickers won’t damage your wall. We do use high quality vinyl materials to make our stickers sourced from the UK. If you have a bit of confusion, you buy our sample sticker here for FREE. 

5. Can stickers be used outside?

Yes, our wall stickers can be used outside and they are sun and waterproof. Wall decals are rated for 3-5 year exterior application.

6. Do wall stickers last for years?

We use Ritrama L range Vinyl guaranteeing long lifespan. JR Decal Vinyl Wall stickers are suitable for indoor and outdoor and rated for 3-5 year exterior application.

7. Are wall stickers easy to apply?

Yes, Wall stickers are very easy to apply. Its like few easy steps : 

→ Peel

→ Stick

---> Peel

You will find our easy video tutorial on ‘How to apply wall stickers

8. Do they come with an instruction manual?

Yes, we send printed ‘how to apply guides’ with each order. 

JR Decal how to apply guide


9. Do I need to wait after painting?

Yes, our recommendation is to wait 3 to 4 weeks after painting your wall. Early application may cause the wall decal to peel and remove paint. 

10. Do wall stickers suitable for mirrors?

Yes, our vinyl stickers are suitable for mirrors.

11. Do wall stickers are suitable for shop windows?

Yes, wall stickers are suitable for shop windows. You can use them as window decorations and shop advertisements. Specially, on Christmas, you can use them as Christmas decorations and remove them once the season is over.

12. Do they stick on cars or vans?

Yes, they are suitable to use on a car or van or any metal or glass or acrylic surface. Read a case study car sticker transformation 

 13. Can I remove and reuse the wall sticker?

vinyl wall stickers is removable but can’t be reused. Once they are removed from the original surface they won’t fit to re-use.

14. Do your wall stickers waterproof?

Yes, Our stickers are waterproof. You can use them in the bathroom or outdoors.

15. Can I reposition wall stickers?

Unfortunately, not. They are designed for single use. Once you will remove them from the original place, they will not be fit to reuse.

16. How do I apply my wall sticker?

Application or installation of wall decal is very easy and simple. We have a video guide here

17. Can I buy a colour chart or sample of your stickers?

Yes, you can buy our colour chart here. 

18. How easy to remove wall stickers?

Very easy to remove them. We have a simple video guide here. Just follow our easy instructions.

19. Can I paint over wall stickers?

Yes, you can but not recommended. 

20. How can I choose the perfect colour for my stickers?

If you are not sure about the colour or the size you need, please contact us with a picture of your wall. Our dedicated customer service team will be happy to assist you. Alternatively, you can buy a set of samples from here. 

21. Is there a difference between wall stickers and wall decals and wall tattoos?

No, they all are same

22. Can I cut my wall stickers into pieces before application?

Yes, if you can cut them into sections or pieces 

23. What is squeegee?

Plastic squeegee is a tool for helping the application or installation process of vinyl wall stickers. Buy now

JR decal Vinyl squeegee
24. Do you provide an instruction guide?

Yes, we do send printed application instruction guides with each order. We also have a video guide on our website here.