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Islamic Wall Art

Art and Muslims

Art is the mirror of any culture and its worldly views. The art of Muslim world mirrors its social values and uncovers the way Muslims see the spiritual domain and the universe. Muslims all over the world embrace the identical system of belief and each one of them is well familiar with the spiritual connection regardless of nationwide, racial differences or conflicts. They consider themselves to be Muslim as a matter of paramount importance. This strong sense of identity and stability inclined en route for a high level of societal and richest artistic traditionalism. Islamic art has persistently validated its dimensions for the innovative reinterpretation of the existed forms of art and one of the innovations is Islamic Wall Art.

Islamic Wall Art
Islamic Wall Art

Islamic wall art is conceivably the best accessible expression over and done with its brilliant usage of colors and its splendid sense of balance concerning Islamic designs and forms. It generates an instantaneous visual impression as well as strong aesthetic impact. Islamic wall art does not convey an artist’s thought rather it synapse the message of the Almighty, the greatest of all Artists, to His beings in a brilliant and artistic way. Walls are simply made of bricks or concretes having a dull impact as far as they are kept simple but when they are decorated with Islamic wall art they get a new life, a sparkling outlook and definitely a symbol deserving more respect.

Core of Islamic Wall Art

Calligraphy is the major component of Islamic wall art, writing the verses from the Holy Quran, Adkar, Asma ul Husna, Asma ul Nabi ﷺ, Duas and many more are all done in various calligraphic styles. There are many styles of Islamic wall art Arabic calligraphy like Naskh, Thuluth, Nastaliq, and so on that are incorporated in selecting the themes and designing the artistic piece of work.

Application of Islamic Art

Islamic wall art is a classical way for beautifying living places such as homes, apartments and hotels plus work places like schools, offices, libraries, shopping malls etc. This profoundly enhances the ambience, gives serenity to the atmosphere, harmonize inner world and brings peace of mind in the life full of diversions.

Islamic Wall Art According to Medical Point of View

Our optic nerves delivers the message to the visual cortex placed in the controlling center, the brain, where the message in transcribed and integrated, the amazing thing is that when we see an Islamic paraphernalia the entire pathway gets enlightened, generating peaceful waves throughout the body and gives vitality to the soul synapsing the being with the Almighty. This is the reason that when we see and recite the Holy Quran, sight calligraphies, Islamic wall arts, wall hangings, videos and many more, we feel energized, composed, harmonized and serene, attributable to their positive impact.

Islamic Art - Olden Era VS Present Times

The catchphrase "Islamic art" is a broad term implied for era after 7th century visual arts, formed by Muslim and non-Muslim artistes within the zones occupied by the Islam. It encircles various categories of art, for example architecture, ornamentation, decoration, ceramic art, mosaics, wood and ivory carving, paintings, calligraphy, textile designing, metalworking, gemstone carving and many others.

Islamic Monuments

From the Quba (first mosque of Islam) to the Mosque of Cordoba (in Spain), ranging from Islamic libraries in Baghdad to the outstanding Taj Mahal in India, all refers to the monuments of Islamic art. Geometric and vegetative motifs are widespread all the way through the lands where Islam was once or still is a dominant religion with its cultural force. Islamic art is seen appearing in the private palaces and buildings such as the Alhambra in Spain in addition to the detailed metal work of Safavid Iran. Similarly, certain building architecture appears throughout the Muslim world: masjids with their minarets, mausoleums, gardens and religious schools (madrasas) all shares mutuality, though, their forms fluctuate greatly.

Islamic Wall Art The Great Mosque of Cordoba

Various Dynasties

The years of the Umayyad caliphate from 661–750 AD is often well thought-out to be the developmental time period in Islamic art. One schematic way of cataloging Islamic art, used in the Islamic art galleries at the Metropolitan Museum, is in relation to the ruling dynasty when the objet d'art was shaped. This sort of periodization trails the broad spectrum relics of Islamic history, which is distributed into and peppered by the decree of various empires, beginning with the Umayyad and the Abbasid dynasties that ruled a great time and joined Islamic state then closing with the regional, yet powerful, family lines such as the Safavids, Ottomans and Mughals.

Schematic Timelines

The early Islamic period, from seventh through tenth century, covers the origin of Islam; the production of a religious, political, and social region; and the development of new styles of art. In the early medieval period, from the eleventh through the mid-thirteenth century, and the late medieval period, the mid-thirteenth through the fifteenth century, different regional forces developed, which promoted diversity in cultural expression. At last, the late Islamic period, the sixteenth through the eighteenth century, was a time of incredible realms, in which intense dynastic support, like never before, advanced to promote and shape artistic styles.
It has been observed that in 20th and 21st century Islam and Islamic art is spreading on a faster pace in European countries and states of America. Islamic art has at all times reserved its fundamental deep down quality and sole uniqueness.

Ornamentation- as a main Constituent of Islamic Art

The emphasis in Islamic art is chiefly on ornamentation. The four elementary constituents of Islamic ornament are still used in modern era being incorporated in the form of Islamic wall arts, paintings, etc. These elementary components include the following:


  • Calligraphy
  • Vegetal patterns
  • Geometric patterns
  • Figural representation


Present Times

At present time people rush in the direction of their convenience, less space occupying stuffs, less expensive, durable and easy to use materials so they prefer to use Islamic wall stickers, wall hangings etc. in their accommodations. Previously people used to keep paintings, some metallic works, engravings and carvings but now the trend has been changed in western countries with the slight modification in Islamic art while staying adhered to the main roots of Islam is the main focal point. These days, therefore usage of Islamic wall arts is very common among Muslims in the entire world. The addition of arts into everyday life is considered amongst the customs in the traditional Islamic world. The thought is that as Islam is essential to all aspects of a Muslim's life and makes it delightful, so Islamic art ought to be utilized to make the things of everyday life lovely.

Establishment of Wall Decals

Diverse styles of Islamic wall arts have been well-preserved to honor the preceding and become springs of inspiration with the introduction of newfangled, innovatively digitized technology. A wall decal correspondingly branded as a wall sticker is a vinyl sticky label that is affixed to a smooth surface like wall for ornamentation, embellishment and informational purposes. In modern generation, paintings and wall murals are no doubt greatly appreciated and extensively regarded but they are very expensive, costing too much! Just rich individuals can meet the expense of them. Moreover, people revealed means to transform art into every day, new and reasonably priced forms. This established the rise of Islamic Wall Decals, which have become one of the components of home with impressive design.


What are the Benefits of Wall Stickers?

Man was born with imaginative impulses. This inescapable characteristic was present throughout old times, even when highly radical architectural outline, innovations and strategies were still immature. After centuries passing by, wall decals turned into a method by which man came to grasp energy about regular life communicated through craftsmanship.


The necessity for Islamic wall stickers has constantly been increased, particularly in today’s faster paced milieus where money is all times a matter of concern. Persons neither have a while to decorate nor the cash to appoint an expert interior designer. They long for home renovations but are diffident to skyrocketing outlays connected with this venture. With Islamic Wall Stickers, everybody at this time has the prospect to transform their residences into something that signifies their life, at a fraction of the rate of a professional remodel. These are widely accessible and are tremendously fast to spread over and even an inexperienced person can place it with ease. Wall stickers can be used: 

islamic wall stickers for nursery
  • On Entranceways

Using Islamic Wall Stickers like placing Islamic Greetings on doors and entrances way gives a very warm welcoming and rich impact to the persons who enter the home. Wall decals do not create fuss related with wall painting or wallpaper mountings. These are Self-adhesive and mess-free, requiring no longer preparation time and superglues that leave behind sticky scums and stains that may possibly shambles the whole mission.

  • In Homes

Depending upon the designs, wall decals add up an illusion of spacious place and profundity to any cramped room. These similarly provide warmth, cordiality and cohesiveness when synchronized with accompanying furniture and radiant lights. Transform your walls, windows and gateways with the artistic flare of Islamic wall art!
Abstract wall stickers are a great selection for lots of homes as this adds together sprinkles of shades to a narrow wall spaces that may not else get noticed. Some persons have a preference to keep kids like wall stickers in their children bedrooms. On the other hand, there are numerous modern choices of wall stickers for grownups that graft in the kitchen, dining halls, bedrooms and rest of the house. They can bring glamour to any unadorned, lackluster room and make over it into splendidly appealing within minutes.

  • In Rented Houses

Fabricated for effortless mounting, Islamic Wall Decals are useful beautifying requisites for people living in rented houses or dormitories. Rental proprietors usually takes an undertaking in an official contract that painting, renovations and other events that totally alter the appearance of a rental home are prohibited. With the help of wall stickers, residents can decorate in line with personal preferences, which proceed toward an improved living atmosphere that synchronize with their place, moods and styles

  • In Workplaces

Islamic Wall Decor with sacred verses from the Holy Book, words, calligraphy wall art and inspirational quotations are also becoming famous and widely held in this day and age among Muslims all over the world. These are frequently seen in various refinements and elegances according to the nature of institutions such as workplaces, schools, libraries and places of worship where the silent majority looked-for constantly remind and revive their ethics, values, religious beliefs and positivity. For an instance, in offices, employees use wall stickers to motivate their workforce to carry out in sound way, work harmoniously with others and generate efficacious outcomes.

  • As a Radiant of Positive Energy

Individuals ignore the significance of having a room that radiates energy. Researches shows that individuals who have greeted their day on a positive peak note are more industrious, more amicable and are comparatively well performers as compared to those who started their day in the negative way. Studies have indicated that Wall art Decals assist in positive radiant energies emitting in the surroundings and makes gleaming of objects. In order to endorse abundant office energy, adorn these places with inspiring wall decals that jog your memory of how distinctive they are or exactly how beautiful life exists.

  • As a Gift

Furthermore Wall stickers are an amazing choice to gift someone on their wedding, birthdays, professional or educational achievements and anniversaries. Give surprises and spread happiness to your dear ones!

  • As a Connection with Almighty

What is more, the home is thought to play an escaping role from the external world and a port of call for individuals to ease in; one should choose Islamic wall decals in tones and in arrays promoting a stress free and calm state of mind. You will encounter the marvels of euphoria and confidence that fill the space and continually help you to remember who you are. It will be a constant wellspring of favors and a call to remember your Lord in every step of life.

  • Easy to Clean

In addition to their benefits wall decals are very easy to clean; a slightly wet duster and a little hand cleanser had better do the trick for taking out any dirt particles, dust or other substances that may wind up on wall stickers. Anybody can nowadays remodel a home and carry sophisticated, good-looking sketch of ideas that step up their place in a way they actually desire.

Specialties of JR Decal Islamic Wall Stickers

The rules of Islamic Wall Art Arabic Calligraphy are very extensive and deeply rooted. It’s neither a matter of experiment nor everybody gets well versed with it. It took decades in perfecting a single piece of work to assign it the title of masterpiece!

  • Online Company

JR Decal Islamic Home Decor is an Islamic wall art UK based online company. We specialize in Islamic Wall Art and Arabic calligraphy created by our team of well renowned Arabic Calligraphers and Muslim Artists from round the globe. We offer original and unique Islamic Wall Art combined with our amazingly, high productivity standards guarantees the finest collection of Islamic Wall Art available in the country.

  • Offers Broad spectrum Stickers/ Decals

It is your company and we offer a dazzling range of Islamic Wall Stickers/ Wall Decals including Names of Allah and Prophet ﷺ   , Ayat al Kursi, Verses of the Holy Quran, Duas, and Islamic quotations for you. Along with this we provide a customized range of arts depending upon the choice and specifications of our clients. Our services of custom designing and the Eminent Muslim Artists with whom we work are enough to appease our clienteles in this concern. We have a diligent and hardworking team of designers and artists that always gives their best in quality and timelines to create a masterpiece Islamic wall art for your homes, Masjids, offices and schools using high quality materials and various Arabic calligraphic styles.
Islamic calligraphy art is the art of arts! And we deliver it in its purest form! Our Islamic Wall Art piece of works are meticulously shaped and elegantly composed.

  • Follows Best Calligraphic Styles

Islamic Wall Stickers by JR Decal Islamic Home Decor deals a range of eloquent Quranic verses in a classical Arabic Calligraphy characters, by means of a contemporary medium of adhesive vinyl. Arabic Calligraphy is among one of the most reputed arts and requires skill. Our Islamic wall stickers are crafted in best Calligraphic styles like Thuluth, Diwani, Nastaliq, Kufic etc. in a refined manner to suit different spaces of walls like sitting room walls, alcoves, on the top of doorways as well as the hard to beautify constricted vertical bands of walls in our homes. Complement a taste of sophistication in your homes with Nusaiba Islamic Wall Vinyl Stickers!

  • Presents New and Energizing Designs

Present Islamic art is now reasonably priced and easily available, making home based interior decor far much easier for Muslims than before. We always believe in make new and energizing courses for your home without the hassle that usually comes with decorating. We accept that change is vital and that is the reason we concentrate on various arrangements, so you can upgrade your work of art as much as you want.

  • Emphasize on Quality

The foremost emphasis of JR Decal Wall Stickers is on the manufactured article quality, customer services and our specialized squad’s hard graft to reach the goal. From the establishment of our online gallery and design works we uphold our class and that’s make us different from others in our market field. Excellent quality printing machineries and extraordinary quality vinyl papers are the main product of the Islamic Wall Decal Art and we pick out the topmost product in the marketplace.

Ayatul Kursi wall art Frame Calligraphy

Why JR Decal for You?

With the advent of e-commerce, trade has unlocked gates for general public to get accessibility to a wide collection of quality wall stickers and decals devising from poles apart areas of the ecosphere. Persons who do not have the availability of time going from one place to another in search of products enjoy the internet as their unsurpassed substitute.

  • Easy to Order

Taking these accounts into consideration we have we have launched an online portal for you that provide an extensive collection of Islamic wall decals at reasonable prices. We offer products on the standards of “made to order.” All you have to do is customize your size, color and directions requirement and our amazing team will work on providing you a freshly made sticker.

  • High Quality

Our Islamic wall art decal looks like as they were decorated unswervingly on the wall because they are made up of super thin, adhesive agents and nonglossy materials. Our extraordinary machines and technology makes the high quality wall stickers that enhance the eminence of our work of art.

  • Easy to Fit and Remove

Fitting Our Islamic wall stickers are trouble free and are impeccable for giving your place a prompt effect of spiritually and heartening Islamic decor. JR Decal Islamic Home Decor and wall art decals use a superior quality adhesive that clasps the wall firmly forming a permanent bond but when the decal is detached, it is removed easily from the wall without any residues or a speck of damage neither on wall nor on decal. You can learn how to apply and remove Islamic wall sticker  from our tutorial.  

  • Flawless Work

Our team of expertise does their job with great care so that there remains not even a single point of imperfection and mistake because we have to convey the message of Allah in an artistic technique. We are duty bound to provide perfect work of art and we do it with great concern.

  • Feasible and Reasonable

It’s your company and we believe in facilitating you all means taking in view your feasibility criteria. Therefore, through our Islamic wall decals you not only acquire the skilful and quality calligraphic script but also in a grander and more transformative designed layout in a budget that is within your range. Our every single piece is an objet d’art that exactly does the same what Arabic ornamentation should really do i.e. to transform your living place into a reflection of Allah Almighty’s Splendor and Grandeur.

  • Clients Satisfaction

JR Decal Islamic Home Decor is set to go above all prospects that you would have, when making an order to purchase the product. Our Customers from round the world have given evidence of really being amazed at our extravagant and vibrant Islamic Wall Art Decals. We have worked with a wide range of businesses around the world from small set ups to globally known organizations, all with the same longing for extraordinary looking wall stickers. It’s an immense honor for us that our all clients are gratified with our products and they admit its great worth. You may also visit our website to check the reviews of our clients and customers.

  • Amicable Team and Friendly Environment

We provide you a friendly environment and guide you at every step of receiving your product. Many of our clients transformed to our regular customers and order us whenever they want an amazing work of art. We hope you will definitely feel comfortable and satisfied with our services as we believe it’s your company and we are here to change your ideas to reality!

  • Trustworthy in Money Back and Shipping Matters

Likewise we promise to provide you the outright top Islamic wall decals with free shipping to UK and with 60 days of product return offer along with 100% money back guarantee. While orders outside UK, we provide shipping services with very simple and affordable shipping prices! In addition, our Islamic wall decals are created by industry experts in order to provide you with the highest quality products.

  • A Final destination of your Quest

If you are in quest to purchase Islamic wall art and calligraphy online at the moment you landed at the right place. When you search on internet, it can result into an array of diverse opportunities with wavering levels of expertise and eminence. Browse and look through our wide ranging features of Islamic Wall Art Stickers or Decals, prepared by the balanced combination of Best Arabic Calligraphers and Artists. Besides this, you will enjoy the experience and pleasure of dealing with our professionals and specialists who are committed round the clock to make each buying of their clients a chef-d'oeuvre investment in the form of striking Islamic Wall Art Decals for the happiness of the soul.

  • Easy to Contact

We are available 24/7 to answer your queries and to receive your orders. We always deal our clients with a welcoming attitude. Feel free to contact us and place your orders anytime and from anywhere.