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Islamic > Quranic Verses Wall art

Arabic language is the most beautiful language in the world, did you know that? And Allah chose this language for the Quran, for all the Verses that He revealed to His Messenger (PBUH). Written Arabic script has a style of it’s own and it is admired by artists and scholars across the globe. Our Arabic Calligraphy Islamic Wall Art comprises of several  Islamic based wall stickers, each of which is  composed of a different Verse from the Quran or with the name of Allah or Muhammad (PBUH). Be it the Ayat ul Kursi or the Kalimah Shahadah, the text saying Masha’Allah or the entire Chapter:The One (Surah Ikhlas), here you will find a complete variety of beautiful calligraphic wall art. Adorn your walls  with these masterpieces and bring life to them!

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46 results

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