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Islamic Wall Art Stickers for the Modern Room Decor

Do you have any idea what is preventing you from decorating that room? No? Well I’ll tell you. It’s certainly not lack of skill because we all know that dipping a paintbrush in paint, then wiping it up the wall is not rocket science. Neither is wallpapering, except the fact that you have to measure, apply sticky stuff to the back of long bits of paper and then attempt to apply them vertically to the wall without standing in the bucket of sticky stuff. Let’s face it, decorating is only fun for others! Of course the alternative is to get a man in and I won’t even bother going into the fun that can bring into your life! Luckily there is a way that you can transform your room in less than an hour without pots of paint, buckets of wallpaper paste and a nervous breakdown. I am talking wall stickers. You may not be aware of the fact that through technology, stickers have evolved over the last few years and some can be wall sized. So forget the sort of stuff you remember sticking on your bedroom wall as a child, because the modern wall sticker has both design and sophistication plus you will save yourself a fortune!

For the moment, let’s forget about stickers with a view of Sydney Harbour Bridge or the Eiffel Tower. The more sophisticated among us are opting more for ‘statement type’ décor. Asian, Far Eastern and ethnic calligraphy of all origins is on trend. It’s a weird phenomenon, but calligraphy which is not familiar to us, always looks aesthetically pleasing. However, if you are Muslim and want to convey either your faith or a message, the choice of beautifully constructed and designed calligraphy and calligraphy-inspired patterns is immense. The same applies to Chinese, Japanese, Indian etc writing and design. Let’s have a look at and what they can do for your room……. And you don’t have to be Muslim to appreciate them or even to understand them. I am looking at them purely from a decorative point of view. In general, wall stickers are a modern concept and sit best in a modern room but the transformative effect on a room of even just a one metre high series of characters say, in black, is huge! And remember, the great advantage of this type of decoration is that if you do not like it for some reason, you can remove it . Try doing that with wallpaper! Much Islamic wall art is so abstract and stylised that it will do no more than add a subtle hint of the exotic to your room. So whether you favour the stylised beauty of Allah Art, the calligraphy art games of Bismillah, or even the striking patterns of Shahada Islamic stickers, you will always find something of great style. If however, you prefer the intellectual challenge of some of the Prophets sayings or are a purist who prefers the simplicity and splendour of the art of Arabic calligraphy, you are about to discover that wall stickers have come of age.

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