MashaAllah Islamic Wall Art Stickers With English Translation


One of our another most beautiful items from the MashaAllah collection, this Islamic Wall Art Decal is a class apart. With quite a different calligraphic font, the term appears in Arabic along with its translation right below it. You can custom order this poster for any color and size you choose and place it just anywhere. A complete reminder to praise Him and submit to Him at all times, for He is the one who has the power to choose our destiny.

Arabic: ما شاء الله
Transliteration: Maa Shaa Allah
English Meaning: “Everything is As Allah has willed it”

 Overview Where to use
  • Hand Made
  • Made to Order
  • Materials:
    • 5 years Vinyl paper 
    • Paper Application Tape
  • Made in a Smoke Free environment
  • Eco friendly 
  • and it's harmless non-toxic, it safe for children's bedrooms
  • Complete 'how to apply' instruction will be provided
  • Glasses/Mirror
  • Painted Wall
  • Wooden Surface
  • Tiles
  • Aluminium Surface
  • Plastics
  • Smooth Wall paper
  • It's 100% removable, will no damage to paintwork/wall,
  • Not Reusable

Note: Not removable from wall papers. All surface need to be clean and dry.

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