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How to Decorate with Islamic Wall Stickers?

How to Decorate with Islamic Wall Stickers?

Wall stickers are a new and cheerful way to add colour to your home without the mess of painting or the difficulty of applying wallpaper. Reasonably priced, and available in every colour and style under the sun, you are certain to find wall stickers that suit your tastes. Above my kitchen table I have the silhouette of a tree branch, with birds perched on it, and flying around it. It brightens up every meal that I eat there, and the wonderful part is that it took me just slightly over an hour to apply it.

There is a wealth of Islamic wall art, including Islamic wall decals, available on the internet. Some are calligraphy, others are traditional Middle-Eastern Islamic wall art in geometric designs. Let’s talk about how to get what you want.

The first question should be “where am I going to put the sticker?” When you know that, you can get to work. With a measuring tape, get the exact dimensions of the space you wish to cover. Don’t measure the whole wall, just the place to which you wish to put your decal.

Take note of the colours already in the room, or which you plan to add to your room. Ensure that the Islamic wall art sticker that you buy co-ordinates with the colour scheme.

Once you have your sticker in hand, you’re set to go! Here’s what you need to do:

  1.       Wash the wall thoroughly with a light-duty cleaner and warm water on a sponge, and wait for it to dry. The sticker will adhere much more firmly and with far less hassle if you perform this important first step. Otherwise, the decal will stick to the dirt and the oil on the wall and not to the wall itself.
  2.       Figure out the placement of the decal. You can only stick it once, so choose carefully where you wish to place it. An easy way check the placement is to use masking tape to tape the sticker to the wall, then to stand back and see if it looks right to you. Make any adjustments you need to until you are certain you have it right.
  3.       Prepare for application by using a pencil, ruler, and level to make a straight line on the wall so that your decal hangs evenly.
  4.       Place the decal. Stick the decal to the wall as close to your guideline as possible. Apply the decal slowly and with even pressure.
  5.       Use a squeegee or a slightly damp sponge to remove all air bubbles and ripples in the decal. Push the air bubbles towards the edge to remove them.
  6.       Remove the protective backing from the decal slowly and carefully. If removal is difficult, dampen a sponge and use it to aid you in removal. If the decal removes along with the backing, gently reapply that part of the decal to the wall.
  7.       Voilá!  You have a beautiful wall, traditional Islamic wall art, and have enhanced the beauty of your room! Well done!

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