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The impact of Quranic Verses of our lives

It is our belief being Muslims that each and every word of Holy Quran has worth of thousand benefits. Whereas Allah has also taught us various pearls like prayers which are his blessings for us; as He is so merciful that He Himself teaches us how to repent and how to beg mercy. Like He educated Hazrat Adam to forgive them for their mistake

“Our Lord! We have wronged ourselves, and if you do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, we will surely be amongst the losers. (Al-A'raf:23)

But in actual He trained all humanity to pray for His forgiveness. Similarly, we see Hazrat Yunis praying in the stomach of the fish

Fabi Ayyi Alai Rabbikuma Tukazziban


“O Allah None has the right to be worshiped but You. O Allah Glorified, (and Exalted) are You (above all that (Evil) they associate with You). Truly I have been of the wrong doers.”(Sura-Al-Anbiah: 21: 87)

It is all His compassion that He is so merciful and so benevolent. Hence it is also beneficial for us to recite and repeat the merciful Ayahs to bring fortune in our lives. And the easiest way to keep these Ayahs before us to decorate our living area with Islamic Wall Art. Technology has made it easier for us to paste Islamic Wall Art in the form of stickers on our Walls, and other smooth exteriors; so our walls might not be damaged, rather enlightened by the glory of the Verses of Allah Almighty.

It is beleived that every single word of Quran is holy and meaningful, but there are some Surah or Ayahs which have plenty of benefits in them like Surah Fatiha, the very first Surah has the blessings of cure in it; besides being the essential part of our Salahs and prayers in general; it is a cure for sickness. Then Ayat-ul Kursi is nothing but a pearl from The Lord. By adhering it in our home as Islamic Wall Art, we can be saved from all evils physical or beyond physical.

MashAllah and Hada Min Fazl-i-Rabbi are the words which shows our gratitude to Allah. It is a tradition in Asian Muslim Countries to Hang MashAllah on newly built houses to protect them from the evil thoughts of the people. Same is the meaning of Hada Min Fazl-i-Rabbi:

“This is from the favor of my Lord”

So you can paste it in the form of Islamic Wall Art Sticker in your room and particularly in your work place to say thanks to Allah for his kindness in the shape of successful business.

Family love has the fundamental value in Islam. The relation Husband and Wife should be the strongest relation, because all family hood and society is based on it. Allah Almighty beautifully realized His followers in Sura Al Rum: 21

“And amongst his signs is that He has created for your Spouses of your own kind, that you may dwell in Tranquility with them, and he put Love and Mercy between one another, verily in that are signs for those who reflect”

We believe that by reciting these Ayahs daily, our heart will be softened for our spouses, and it will prevail peace in our houses. So, adopt style and drench your souls in the blessings of Allah Almighty by lodge your houses with Islamic Ayahs in the form of Islamic Wall Art.


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