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50+ Islamic Gift Ideas for a Muslim Woman

50+ Islamic Gift Ideas for a Muslim Woman

A woman is the best companion of man through every thick and thin. She loves you unconditionally and gives her heart out to make you feel happy. So it is a necessity to take care of your wife and make her feel special. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said -  "The best among you are those who are best to their spouse". Try hard to please your wife in order to become the best believer. The best way to win your wife’s heart is by sending her a gift. However, it is very complicated for a man to decide which gift is best for her. Here are some of the best Islamic gifts ideas that would be loved by your woman.


1.  Women just love to wear beautiful dresses. You can buy your woman a pretty dress, hijab, scarf, burkini, and pashminas which are unique Islamic gifts for her.

2.  Every woman loves to look beautiful. You can buy your love a makeup set to help her enhance her looks and look even more beautiful and one of the best Islamic gift Ideas for her.

3.  Nothing is better than the word of ALLAH. Buy your wife a digital Quran so that she may stay spiritually connected to ALLAH. Digital Quran can prove to be the best gift for her, every time she recites from the Digital Quran you would be rewarded with blessings along with her Digital Quran is always considered as the most favorite Islamic gift idea for her.

4.  The most superior name is ALLAH's name. Merely reciting the name of ALLAH is a tremendous blessing. Obtain a locket with ALLAH's name for your wife, allowing her to express her love for ALLAH. There is nothing better than a locket engraved with ALLAH's name.

5.  Thinking for Muslim Gift Ideas for women, Purchase a pretty handbag in which she can store all her stuff. Women always think ahead and tend to keep a lot of things in their handbags which might come handy.

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6.  One of the best Islamic gift ideas is Islamic wall art. Let the doors of blessing open for your women by purchasing her Islamic wall art. Every time your woman glances at the Islamic wall art and recalls the verses of the Quran, she gets to be rewarded alongside you. Make your wife smile when she looks at the wall by purchasing her Islamic wall art stickers. It is also the best gift idea for Muslim friends. You can purchase the best Islamic wall art from JR Decal.

Islamic Gift Ideas for a Muslim Woman


7.  Women love chocolates as much as a child. There are several brands of chocolates in the market, buy her the most delicious chocolate and win her heart.

8.  Have your woman not upgraded her cell phone in a while? Well now is the best time to surprise by purchasing her a new cell phone. You can purchase her a tab as well and other gadgets if she loves technology.

9.  Never hesitate to purchase an expensive gift for your wife. Gold is precious and expensive but not more precious than your wife. Purchase her a golden necklace, bracelet or a gold ring and make her day. Women love to wear jewellery, it is one of the best gifts you can ever gift to her.

10.  A woman has a great sense of smell and she loves anything that smells good. Let your wife enjoy the beautiful fragrance by getting her Athar perfume. Just like clothes, perfume can enhance your wife’s look and make her feel good about herself. Halal Perfume is the best gift for a Muslim wedding. 

Islamic Picture frame Art

11.  The flower is one of the Islamic Gift items. Fresh blooming flowers and bouquets will make her day. Women are always attracted to flowers. Every time your wife glances at the fresh blooming flowers she will get a refreshing feeling.

12.  When it comes to purchasing a gift for your wife, the thing that is most useful for her is preferred. Buy your wife a prayer mat. It might prove to be the best Islamic gift idea for her.

13.  Whenever you think of the best Islamic gift ideas for her, Islamic books are always considered as favourites. It is a great blessing to know something new about Islam. There is no better gift than the gift of knowledge, increase your wife’s knowledge by gifting her Islamic books. This is also the best Islamic Gift Idea for their husband.

50+ Islamic Gift Ideas for a Muslim Woman


14.  A woman's personality is judged by her shoes. Gift your wife a nice pair of shoes and let her fall in love with you. If you can’t figure out which shoe suits her the most then take her to shop and let her choose the shoe of her choice.

15.  A wristwatch can be considered as a decent gift for her. It will help her to keep track of all her activities. While choosing a wristwatch to make sure it not just shows time but also looks attractive. Wristwatch also a unique Muslim gift for him. 

16.  It’s something special to have a teacup with your personalized name. Put a smile on your wife’s face by purchasing her a personalized teacup with her name engraved on it.

 17.  What can be better for a wife than the gift of your time? Take some time out of your busy routine and go on a trip to some special place with your wife. Have dinner with her at her favourite restaurant and make her day memorable.

18.  It’s the utmost desire of all sports lovers to see their favourite sports team play live. Fulfil your wife’s desire by buying her tickets for her favourite team’s match.

19.  Make a handcrafted card and write some special message for her. It takes a lot of effort to make a handcrafted card and she would definitely love the effort you put for her.


20.  Dedicate her some special poetry to make her feel wanted. Poetry not only touches the heart, but it also touches the soul. Win your wife’s heart by expressing your deepest feelings in a poetic way.

special poetry to make her feel - 50 gift ideas for Muslim women

21.  A woman just loves to stitch and make her clothes look better. Purchase an Embroidery machine as it will help her to stitch beautiful patterns on her clothing.

22.  Anything that improves the look of your wife is the best-suited gift for her. Women just love to look good and can spend a fortune on it. Purchase a face wash, shampoo or a fairness cream to help her look even better.

23.  Most of the women love to write about all their good and bad times. Allow your wife to express her deepest feelings by writing them onto a notebook. Get her a notebook so that she may save all the special moments by writing about them.


24.  Women have so many keys to keep and what’s better than to buy her a keychain that too personalized with her name. Even if her keys get lost somewhere they can be tracked by the name mentioned on the key chain.

25.  Women should always remain fit as her whole family depends upon her. Get your wife an exercise machine and help her maintain her fitness.

26.  Women just love to straighten their hair to look good. A hair straightener can also be considered as a good gift for her as it helps her to look even more beautiful.


27.  Purchase her air plants as they are used to liven things up. Air plants look pretty good in the kitchen and require very little maintenance.

28.  Get your wife a museum or garden membership so that she may visit whenever she likes without paying some extra charges.

29.  Many women love to collect things like coins, stamps or any art craft. Add something to the precious collection of your wife by purchasing her, her favourite collectables.

30.  A personalized photo locket would melt your wife’s heart. A heart-shaped photo locket with her name engraved on the outside and her small photo inside.


31.  Never underestimate the usefulness of Ajwa dates. The prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said: “If anyone takes some Ajwa dates every morning, he will not be affected by poison or magic on that day till night.” So protect your wife against poison and magic by gifting her Ajwa dates.

50+ Islamic Gift Ideas for a Muslim Woman

32.  During travelling the thing that might come handy for your wife is azan clock and compass. Azan clock will remind her of prayer times and compass will guide her to locate the direction of the Kaaba.  So buy her one.


33.  The best Islamic gift idea that ever come into your mind is to take your wife to Hajj or Umrah. It’s every wife’s wish to pay a visit to the house of ALLAH. Take your wife for Hajj or Umrah and let the tears of happiness fall off her eyes. Nothing can be more pleasing for a Muslim woman than to visit the house of ALLAH to perform Hajj or Umrah.

34.  Save your wife from rain and reckless heat of the sun by gifting her an umbrella. Although it might appear to be a very simple gift it expresses your utmost care and concern for her, it will melt her heart.

35.  Remind all the beautiful moments to your wife by gifting her a photo album with all the memorable photos of incredible moments you both spend together.

36.  Women have a special affection for candles. Get her heart-shaped or scented candles to make her feel happy.

37.  Most women have a special interest in sports. They not only follow sports but also love to play. Get your wife sports accessories as they will not only keep your wife entertained but also fit.

38.  Women have soft hearts and they not only love to care about their fellow humans but also about animals. When you are off to work make sure that your wife doesn't get bored by purchasing her a pet. Pets are the best companions and there is no better way to kill time by interacting with them.


39.  Make dinner for your, clean home and make her feel special. Your wife works tirelessly at home for you, you need to pay a tribute to her efforts by doing all your wife’s work for a day. It would be considered as the best gift by her.

40.  Let your wife write anything that makes her feel good. The pen is mightier than sword so doesn’t feel hesitant while gifting her a pen.

41.  Tea is loved by a woman. Your wife would love to have a personalized tea pod along with her favourite tea, so get her one. Let her remember you every time she pours tea out of the tea pod.

Personalised Name Mug set for Muslim Couple, Half Her Deen and Half His Deen Coffee Mugs

42.  Every woman wants to cook well and get appreciated for her cooking skills. Gift your wife a subscription of cooking magazines so that she may enjoy learning some new recipes.

43.  Whenever your wife goes for outdoor adventures, there is always a risk of harmful debris. Buy your wife sunglasses and save her from debris, make her look and feel good.

44.  Increase the wisdom of your wife by gifting her DVD of Islamic lectures by some famous Islamic scholars. Nothing can be more refreshing then recalling the word of ALLAH and learning more about the religion.

45.  There is a hidden artist in every woman. Women love drawing and have a special affection for art. Buy your wife's art accessories and let her paint, her imagination and express her inner self through painting.

46.  A mason jar full of notes and messages would be considered as a precious gift. Express your deepest feeling to your wife by purchasing a mason jar and writing notes on it.

47.  A pack of natural toothbrush miswak, olive oil and honey are the best things you can ever give to her. Miswak will keep her tooth clean like never before. Olive oil will make her hair stronger and better. Honey will keep her away from a hundred diseases.

48.  Nowadays women are more conscious about their skincare why not surprise her with some fabulous skincare products. You can find more information about Halal skincare at Amara cosmetics.

50+ Islamic Gift Ideas for a Muslim Woman
image Credit- amaracosmetics.com


49.  Herbal slippers will help your wife get relived from tired and aching feet.  Anything that comforts her is loved by her so she will love the gift.


50.  Coffee is considered the best drink by many women. Get your wife an espresso and cappuccino coffee maker. Your wife can enjoy coffee with you daily by using the coffee maker.

51.  Digital beads can be considered as one of the best Islamic gift ideas for her. Verily in the remembrance of ALLAH hearts find peace. Let your wife do zikr of ALLAH by purchasing her digital bead.

52.  Open the door of your home to let in the wind of blessings by purchasing Islamic home décor. Islamic home décor is a very effective Islamic gift idea. 


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