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100 Islamic gift ideas for Muslim Men (Islamic gift for Him)

Every human being is unique in his or her way. If we talk about the life of a person, giving and receiving gifts is an integral part. It demands to put time and lots of effort into it together with the ingredients of love and emotions that would be reflected in your gift. 

Islamic traditions likewise encourage people to share gifts to maintain harmony and peaceful relations based on the teachings of the Last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

Islamic wall stickers for couple

To get a unique gift for a Muslim man, you should understand him well to find out what exactly he is hooked on like whether he’s modern in his thoughts, and will see the value in trendy products or if he’s more connected to traditional and the Islamic way of life.

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Perhaps, he can be a touch of both, so track down something that calls mutually to these sides of his personality. Given that, you can find him the best islamic gift which he would love and cherish. 

So, here are hundred quick-fire suggestions you may find useful for selecting Islamic gifts for Muslim man.


1. As we are familiar with the fact that all Muslims are obliged to pray five times a day; offering prayer is also about a person’s faith and purity of the heart. So, for that reason giving him a beautiful prayer mat or rug can be a better option to consider.
2. To buy a gift for a Muslim man, you can consider a digital Tasbeeh counter that a man can hold in his fingers for the whole day and continue repeating the Adkhars gaining countless blessings throughout the day. 
3. Quran is the best book in the entire world and there’s no better way to show your love and gratitude to a Muslim man than by gifting him the holy Quran.
4. Moreover, you can gift him a set of 30 parts (Sipara / Juzz) of The Holy Quran with its translation and transliteration in any language that would help him to read the Holy Quran part by part.
5. For a Muslim man having a close attachment with the religion, gifting a book stand can be blissful because it makes him comfortable to read and keep the holy Quran on the book stand while at other times, he can keep the holy book inside the box safely.
6. What’s more! We’re living in a world where everyone has gadgets. Gift your husband a smartwatch that not only shows Azan times but also the direction of facing the Qibla wherever he is on the planet.
7. Salah and reciting the holy Quran are vital aspects of the daily life of the Muslim, so help him keep track of his progress of reading the Holy Quran using the Islamic bookmark.

8. The Holy Kaaba miniature is also a perfect option to gift him. The miniature is present in a crystal with water and shimmers in it. It also has a special pocket to keep pens or pencils that make it a perfect gift for his office use.

muslim husband Gift


9.  You can gift him earphones so that if he wants to listen to recitations, nasheeds, naatsetc he can do that comfortably without disturbing others and also keeping the distractions away. 
Giving earphones to a Muslim man can provide him with ease of use, comfort and portability in his daily life as well.
10.  Another gift option for a Muslim man, who feels pride in his beard is the Beard Kit. While ladies invest a ton of energy in their everyday beauty routine, men are not too passionate about their grooming. Except if they have got a beard as a part of their identity. This is an amazing present for the one who pampers his time, and on the other hand, it’s a decent way to encourage a man who is not as keen on it. 
11.  The hygiene and personal grooming of a Muslim man are also essential to focus on. Therefore you can give him beard oil to keep his facial hair moisturized and hydrated. With its daily use, beard and moustaches will become soft and smooth. Moreover, it keeps them healthy and manageable. 
12.  A simple yet aesthetically soothing gift option is a flawlessly made Islamic car hanging. A car hanging can have anything Islamic written on it e.g. names of Allah, dua for travelling and so on.
13.  Ask a Muslim man what's the comfiest dress he has ever worn, and it will without a doubt be the thobe that takes seconds to put on. So, you can gift him an incredibly light, and comfortable thobe that would also add Muslim energies in the home.
14. Recollect the special memories of family life together with the collage picture frame. Order a gift of family collage picture frame for a Muslim man so that his loved ones will stay in front of his eyes and he’d remember his life journey with them always. 
15.  To add a personal touch to the place, gift him the customized wooden plaque. It’s another great item that could be placed on his office table. 
16.  Whenever you get a gift for him, it is always preferable to think along the lines of somewhat functional and practical so you cannot go wrong by choosing a wristwatch. Buy an Arabic dial wristwatch, which is incredibly matchless as it has Arabic digits instead of the other ones.
17. If a man is more of a bookworm or enjoys his leisure time with the company of a good book, Islamic books prove to be an amazing gift in this case. Select, as per his choice, from a wide range of books from lighter inspirational reads to the books deeply exploring the religion
18.  Give him a beautiful Jubahs to wear whether it is for a family event, Friday prayer or a religious seminar, he would feel so comfortable in it.


19.  The portable prayer mat gift idea is, without doubt, very useful especially when he is always travelling on the go.  
20.  If you’re still thinking about what to get for him if he’s a foodie, just give him a gift set of spices and sauces that has all the essentials to blow his taste buds away.
21.  If his home or office is his safest space, give him vibrant succulents that will help him to create the perfect atmosphere for his living. 
22.  Also, you can give him an inspired faux leather journal to pen down and organize his thoughts. 
23.  If he is a person that has long working hours at the office then take care of him. Gift him a handy weighted neck pillow. He can warm it in a microwave oven and place it over his shoulders to get relief from the neck pain and fatigue. 
24.  For his office or home, décor surprise him with the scale model of the Holy Kaaba which can be an ideal gift choice for a Muslim. 

99 Names of Allah Wall decals

Image source: JRDecal

25.  ZamZamthe water springing from the Wells of Masjid-al-Haram in Makkah has healing properties for both body and the soul. So, you can import litres of ZamZam to give him the best water in the world to drink.
26.  We all know that reciting Darood Sharif can add blessings to our lives. Therefore, bless him with the gift of Darood Sharif decoration scales to place in his living space.  
27.  Looking at the Loh-e-Qurani can ease your problems. So, give him a wall hanging of Loh-e-Qurani so that he can daily see it before leaving the house.  
28.  A pair of unique and antique decoration plates engraved with the Allah and Muhammad (PBUH) on it is one of the amazing gifts for both home and office place. Looking at them will always remind him to follow the guidelines provided by both.  
29.  Use of ceramics to make bowls, plates, decorative items etc. are a vibrant part of cultural history. Gifting a set of plates, which include: Allah, Muhammad, Ayatul Kursi etc. can be the best option as there is no Muslim home or place completely without a dedication to our creator. 
30.  Investing your time and energy wisely is an important concept in Islam. Help a Muslim man with making Allah the focal point of his time with an Islamic table clock, as a reminder of Allah each time he looks at the table clock. 


31.  Surprise him with the luxurious prayer mat that is also padded with memory foam for a comfortable praying experience that a Muslim man deserves. 
32.  A wonderful option to gift is the books of different Surahs from the holy Quran. The Surah Books include the major Surahs that should be recited on daily basis. 
33.  Give him a set of beautiful bookmarks that he can use while reading the Holy Quran or any other book. Wherever he wishes to stop reading a book, he can place the bookmark there to close with the issue of recalling it later. 
34.  A precious gift for a Muslim man is a modern pen to read and teach the Holy Quran that allows the reader to recite it in the voice you like by simply placing the pen on any verse. With this modern technology, reading the Holy Quran has become easy and correctly.

Half Her and His Deen Personalised mug

 Image source: jrdecal.com

35.  Embroidered kufi caps are a sure thing to gift him. It looks nice and can be used for many years. A Muslim man can wear at the time of offering Salah. 
36.  You can give him Keffiyah as a gift to make his outlook a little bit different from the usual one. Keffiyeh is a piece of cloth that is worn by Muslim men in Middle Eastern countries. It’s quite easy to wear and a wonderful option for a gift. 
37.  The deck of reflection cards having several reflection questions and statements will him to reflect upon himself and organize his life according to the principles of Islam.  
38.  Gift him packs of Woodlock stamps that are made up of classic maple wood and the finest etching of rubber to provide a true impression. These stamps can have the shapes of the Holy Kaba, any Islamic words and so on.
39.  Share the art of calligraphy with him to place it up as home décor as a calligraphy of the Quranic verses brings life to the environment. 
40.  Muslim prayers like Dhikr are chanted a specific number of times. To keep track of the times they have repeated any particular verse, Muslims usually use a traditional Tasbih also known as prayer beads. Giving him a beautiful crystal, wooden or pearls beaded Tashbih can add blessings to the giver and recipient of the gift. 
41.  Gift him a gold decorative plate with classical Arabic calligraphy that reads 'Allah - JallaJalaaluhu" which means “Allah - The Glorious and Mighty.” This would make a great centrepiece that he can either keep on top of the table or hang it on a wall.
42.  Show your affection by gifting him a Quran pin that should be super kind to pages, super elegant and super easy to use. It will help him remember where he had last read the pages of the Holy Quran without any issue.


43.  A perfect gift for the wall of any Muslim households' living room can be the 99 names of Allah Almighty that have been revealed through the Holy Quran. You will be appreciated for this gift by him.
44.  Oudh, also called Aloeswood or Agarwood, is a fragrant resinous wood used traditionally throughout the world by Muslims. Oudh is a great means to air out any room that is burnt at the time of sunset before the evening prayers, usually, with the help of coal together with frankincense. You would have a great gift that any Muslim man will appreciate and treasure incredibly.
45.  Many Islamic cultures have a deep insight for religious poetry that reflects on one's connection with Allah Almighty and His blessings. Along these, gifting Poetry collections of famous Islamic poets from all over the world can be an option to consider if he has an interest in literature and poetry.  
46.  In case a man prefers to follow a healthy way of life and goes to the gym regularly or is thinking about joining a gym, then you can gift him any gym equipment like a treadmill machine, sets of dumbbells, gym kits and gears. This gift will make him cheerful and support him in the way to be fit and could be the most heartfelt gift since it shows care for his health and fitness.
47.  The majority of the men are sports lovers and always crave to see their favourite sports team playing live. You can fulfil his desire by buying him tickets for his favourite team’s match.
48.  Many Muslim men have likings for different flavoured coffees so it can be an option to gift beautifully wrapped jars of flavoured coffees to him. 
49.  While some might believe that a gift card is something you get when you cannot think of anything else or as the last option however it could be the opposite case. Get a gift card from his favourite Islamic store, or a halal restaurant, that way he can have the opportunity to buy what he wants from a place he likes.
50.  Everyone is familiar that the people of the Islamic community are fond of eating dates, so an amazing gift idea is to parcel up a decorative box of assorted dates and Yeah! The gift is ready for him.
51.  Wrap up a beautiful gift box of halal chocolates for him and you are good to go.
52.  Fruit baskets assorted with fresh and exotic fruits of his liking makes a versatile gifting option to him. Wrap up a fruit basket, and it’s all set.
53.  Arabic-themed cheese boxes of different kinds of cheeses and munchies can be an amazing gift for all the cheese lover men out there.


Eid gift for him

Image source: mubaraklondon.com


54.  In Arabic culture, tea or kehwa is an essential part that is frequently consumed in social gatherings. It acts as an ice-breaker perfectly and is mostly served to guests as a sign of hospitality. So you can gift him beautifully wrapped packs of tea that also has health benefits. 
55.  Light up his place with an LED light-up frame. Some famous calligraphic verses have been written on a fine acrylic panel fixed on a wooden base that glows because of the LED lights. This can be a unique decorative piece for gifting him.
56.  Treat him with some Inspirational Islamic quotes by gifting a deck of 20 or more cards to him each having quotes for daily life motivation and spiritual guidance. The deck can include words of wisdom from the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
57.  Muslim men love to have a nicely decorated home so gifting up a few antique pieces of swords and shields for their study or drawing room could be cherry on the top. Moreover, this would be a source of reminder for the bravery and valour of their ancestors.  
58.  A nice and elegant wall clock could add more to the list of gift items for him. Time is precious and so is the person receiving the gift. Wall clocks can add more to the ambience whether it is to be placed at home or office. 
59.  It’s not necessary to buy a very expensive gift, any custom made items like mugs, cushions, pillows, stationery items, flower sets, lights, etc. can be a good idea to make his day. 
60.  Flowers are the secret language of love, emotions and affections. Giving him a bouquet of beautiful flowers can instantly calm nerves and brighten his mood. Moreover, flowers are the symbol of harmony and balance in life besides adding beauty to the ambience.
61.  Why cannot an exotic dinner be hosted for him? You can arrange a dinner at his favourite halal restaurant that will become one of the most memorable gifts he will receive 
62.  A customized calendar could be a gifting idea to keep him punctual in his routine and to organize his tasks day wise.
63.  Being a Muslim, organizing a religious trip to Mecca for Umrah or Hajj would be the most perfect gift for him and he would be amazed to receive such an amazing gift as it is the dream of every Muslim. It will be faithfully uplifting besides a one-lifetime chance that you will gift this to him.

100 Islamic gifts ideas for him

64.  One of the best and most well-thought gifts for a Muslim man is Ihram, a two-piece set of cotton blended towels for use during the time of Hajj or Umrah which are the pilgrimage to Mecca. 


65.  Give him an anti-theft money belt to secure valuables and daily essentials during his visit to Hajj and Umrah. 
66.  Personalized calligraphy canvas is a perfect timeless gift to keep it memorable for him. 
67.  A Jar of Duas is a simple and adorable way to strengthen his faith and everyday connection with Allah Almighty. Not only it’s a thoughtful gift, but also a way for you to be rewarded too by sharing this gift of knowledge!
68.  Send him a box of fresh, crispy and roasted dry fruits for his munching time. 
69.  Add zing to his wardrobe with a box of leather essentials containing a perfect combination of wallet, keyring, cardholder and so on that every man needs in his everyday life.
70.  Gift him a smart and stylish temperature displaying water bottle which is also eco-friendly and can be customized by engraving his name.
71.  For his sweet tooth, gifting an assorted sweets box is perfect to relish his taste buds. 
72.  If he’s a food lover, gift him a tempting and mouthwatering snack basket filled with healthy snacks to munch on when would be feeling hungry.
73.  A Quran speaker is not only a valuable gift for a Muslim man but also a combination of faith with the convenience of portable technology. A religious man likes to do recitation or reading from the Quran, a portable speaker allows him to listen to his favourite Quranic verses when it is impractical to carry the holy book. 
74.  Give him a pair of cufflinks which is not only simply good looking but also an artistic choice for him.
75.  You can gift him a diamond or quartz ring that can bring rays of harmony within him along with radiating a cool and soothing effect on nerves. 
76.  For adding aesthetic aspect to the living space you can gift him a set of small cushions covers, having wonderful landscapes and sceneries. 
77.  A special and unique gift for a Muslim man can be a five prayer digital alarm with wonderful sounds of Azan from the holy cities of Makkah, Madinah and Jerusalem. He can listen to the most beautiful voices that fill the place with faith and insists to offer prayers on time. 
78.  Hats are one of the parts of Islamic costumes that Muslims use to wear while they go to pray Salah in the mosque. So gifting him beautiful assorted hats can be an option while thinking about what to give him as a gift.


79.  Buy him a pair of good sunglasses to protect his eyes from the dust, debris and UV rays whenever he goes outside in the daytime. This will further boost his self-confidence and add positive vibes to his outlook.
80.  An incredibly practical and useful gift idea is to present Islamic wall art to him. That is why, it is an appropriate piece of Arabic artwork is required at hand to give him the best wall art for his study room, living or bedroom, office or any other place.  
81.  If he has an interest in calligraphy, you can gift him a calligraphy kit or a presentation box that can enclose and store calligraphy supplies to carry them anywhere with ease.
82.  The miswak is a twig for cleaning teeth used over 7000 years ago. It is made from the SalvadoraPersica tree and works as a natural alternative to the synthetic toothbrush. Gifting him the best quality miswak can be another choice of gift for him to consider.
83.  Taking care of oral health is very important in Islam and is considered the most effective way of keeping oral cleanliness. You can give him a good quality and sized miswak holder that can store his miswak when it’s not in use. 

Islamic gift

Image source: Etsy.com

84.  You can gift him a beautifully wrapped jar of pure honey which is the healer of diseases. This golden liquid has powerful healing qualities used for centuries to promote health besides the satisfaction of taste buds.
85.  Olive wood honey dipper is truly a unique gift that adds more to the beauty when presented with the honey jar. It is handcrafted from the amazing wood of olive trees that serves perfectly for drizzling honey in your teacups or toasts.
86.  A smart mug keeps the temperature of his tea or coffee increased or decreased simply at a press of a button. This makes him enjoy every sip of it.
87.  You can give him the best quality recliner so that after a long haul and tiring day, he can rest on it and feel relaxed. 
88.  Because of the alcohol in the perfumes, Muslim men avoid using it. The alternative to it is the soothing fragrances of Ittars as they are free of alcohol. So you can gift him a nice set ofIttars as per his likings of aroma to use gracefully on his clothes.
89.  Gifting a Muslim man with the beautiful calligraphic scales of the blessed names and attributes of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) enables him to shapes daily lives.
90.   A set of volumes of the Hadith books can illuminate his study room and way of life. These can be one of the best choices of gifts to reap benefits for both the receiver and the giver.


91.  To make his morning walks cosy, bring him earmuffs which will serve as a dual purpose to protect ears from cold air and in-built headphones will allow him to listen to whatever he wants while walking.   
92.  You can spend more time sipping tea or coffee together and make beautiful memories together. 
93.   A wonderful and catchy item to gift him is a scented candle craft set of his choice to make the ambience aesthetically pleasing. 
95.  If he is a fitness freak, surprise him with a massage gun that will help to relieve pain, muscle soreness and stiffness post workouts.  
96.  You can get a hint of a man’s personality by his shoe wear. So you can gift him a pair of nice shoes. If you cannot figure out which shoes would suit him you can take him to the shop and let him buy the shoes of his choice.
97.  You can install a portable air purifier in his room to remove dust and filter the air. It kills 99% of the germs keeping the air fresh and purified to breathe.  
99.  A valuable and luxurious gift is the porcelain vas. Place it in the corner of the room and make him feel special by daily adding his favourite flowers to it.
100.   A vintage lantern makes great stuff to enhance the beauty of a home by brightening and illuminating its environment. 
Above all, time is the precious gift one can give to another person. So, take out some time from the busy routine for conversing with him, taking him to dinner, visiting some adventurous place or making his day special.  

Picking a gift for him is not always simple and you must invest a good amount of effort to make him feel special in such a way that he has never felt like before. Value the little moments and bring harmony in all the years to come in your life. 

Note: Let me know your comment if you like to add any more that I missed.


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