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Personal Effects: 4 Unique Personalized Gifts They'll Really Love


Gift-giving is all about the wow factor. Sure, functional gifts are great, but nothing is more exciting than opening unique personalized gifts that the recipient knows no one else on earth has.

They're especially great for sentimental gifts. Think of graduations, weddings, and big birthdays.

Want to give some cool personalized gifts, but don't want to gift the same old photo in a frame? Check out these awesome personalized gift ideas to find the perfect fit for your loved one.

Custom Illustration

Custom illustration is on the rise as one of the best-customized gifts out there. If you have a favourite artist, consider sending them a message to commission a pet portrait, family portrait, or custom illustration of your loved one's home.

This illustrator will even cut them out into paper dolls that you can have framed for one of the most unique gifts ever!

Want to go the three-dimensional route? This artist will create custom cotton-stuffed dolls of your loved one and their family. For the kitsch lover in your life, commission a cross-stitched portrait of them to hang in their living room!


Blankets are a great customizable gift that can go tons of different routes. The most obvious is a photo blanket.

Walmart offers tons of customizable photo blankets, from knitting to fleece to sherpa backings. If you don't have a nice photo of the recipient to put on the blanket, you could use an image of something they love. Pets make great photo blankets!

If you're gifting a new parent, you could embroider the name or initials of their new little one onto a blanket that'll eventually turn into a family heirloom.

For Scottish families, tartan prints of their specific clan make a great custom blanket gift, too!


Books are one of the most unique customizable gifts you can order today. There are so many options out there for any type of recipient.

If you're gifting a book to a child, consider creating their very own children's book. Programs like Storybird allow you to write your own short book, making your recipient the star of his or her very own story.

If you're gifting a book to an adult, consider compiling meaningful photos into a coffee table book or photo chapbook for them. This is a great way to commemorate a trip you took together, or honour a relationship if it's a wedding gift!


You simply can't go wrong with custom mugs. Whether it be for mother's day, father's day, or another occasion, it seems like almost everyone has a hot drink in the morning.

Check out this adorable his and hers set for your favourite Muslim couple and this simple customizable name mug for your brother or sister!

Your Unique Personalized Gifts

Now that you've read about some of the most unique personalized gifts on the internet today, hopefully, you've come away with some great ideas for your next gift!

Want to read more about interior design, wall decals, and other great personalized gifts? Check out our other blog posts for inspiration!

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