Welcome to My Crib: 5 Great Nursery Design Ideas

What if a few design tricks could give your baby the happiest and most nurturing nursery ever made?

Every parent wants their child's nursery to be a place of warmth, comfort, and discovery. And with the right nursery design ideas, you can make this dream into a reality!


Keep reading to discover five awesome nursery design ideas.

1. The Crib

Obviously, the crib is the cornerstone of any nursery. It's important to choose the right design for this important item!

First, get a sturdy crib in gender neutral colors. This will keep it from clashing if you change the room design later, and it can be useful if you have multiple kids over time.

Your bedding should be soft and comfortable. Keep in mind that nursery bedding is the cornerstone for any nursery themes: if the room will be based on Winnie the Pooh, for instance, you want high quality Winnie the Pooh bedding, though minimalist designs will look more modern and tasteful.

2. The Changing Table

Aside from the crib, the changing table is the most important item in the nursery. Make sure its color and material matches the palette of the rest of the room.

Also, make sure the changing table is free of clutter. This will make it easier to quickly put your baby down and pick them back up.

Finally, make sure all changing supplies are within easy reach of the table. If you have to walk away for something, your baby will be in danger of falling.

3. Wall Art

Depending on your theme and taste, how to decorate a nursery may involve painted walls or decorating with wall art.

Art prints and wall decals are a cheap and easy way to add color and style to a room while matching any theme you may have. And using these means that you can easily take them down when you need to: much easier than painting the walls all over again!

4. Tasteful Storage

It's always a struggle to store toys and supplies in a nursery. How can you keep everything secure without the room looking cluttered with boxes?

Our recommendation is to combine wall shelves and storage baskets. The shelves let you selectively display books or toys that match the theme, while baskets in a neutral color give you a tasteful way to hide toys and supplies.

Just like that, you have everything on hand while still looking nice and organized.

5. Add a Daybed

Mostly, parents focus on their baby's needs when it comes to the nursery. But what about everyone coming to see your baby?

Adding a daybed to the nursery allows guests to sit down when they visit, or for you to sit down when you need to rest. And when your child outgrows the crib, you will already have a bed in their room that they can use!

Nursery Design Ideas: The Bottom Line

Now you know that great nursery designs involve awesome wall decals. But do you know where to find the best selection?

At JR Decal, we have all the awesome wall decals you could want for a nursery or any other part of your home. To see how we can transform a room, come browse our sale items today!

J Haider

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