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IQRA the First Verse for the Humankind

The first expression of the Quran that was revealed upon the Prophet Muhammad by Allah in the caves of Hira was the verse from Surah Al Alaq: "IQRA." This verse was the leadingray of the Divine Light sparkled into the sacred heart of the Prophetﷺ. The incident was another door unlocked to humanity and a new chapter established in the historical backdrops of the humankind and later; mankind was offered one of the paramount blessings of Allah.

Almighty chose to direct IQRA as the first word of the Quran, He not only meant the Prophet to recite, but also implied him to comprehend the vastness of this word. The excellence of this gesture by Allah is something to ponder. This first verse did not mandate us for praying or fasting or paying Zakat, which are among the mainstays of Islam yet the foremost edict was to read. The main obligation in Islam revealed was to “Read”, subsequently to acquire Knowledge.

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Islam originated for the betterment of humanity and IQRA is addressed to humanity and the Prophet Muhammad represents humankind in its connection to the Creator. Iqra is consequently a universal direction, an opening for every person to move far away from imperfections and toward ethicalness to gain joy both in this world and the life hereafter. Iqra is a command to read the signs the Creator placed in His creationso humankind can understand a bit of His Compassion, Wisdom and Supremacy.

Iqra is the firstimpression to learn, through experience and understanding the significance of mankind.All created things bear a resemblance to a pen that documentstheir actions, however only humankind can read what’s written and that is the reason Quran instructs us to read in preference to behold.It also entails reading everything round you, reading the nature,appraising and reading the intentions of Allah in the verses of Holy Quran.

There is a great impact of Placing Iqra wall stickers especially in study rooms, offices, libraries and schools as it will enhance the elegance of the study area. It offers whimsical and rich aspect to the ambience. Iqra wall stickers additionally prove to be a constant motivation in acquiring knowledge, excelling and achieving success.

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The word Iqra has an exceptional significance in Islam not just in light of the fact that it was the first expression of the Holy Quran brought downward on the Prophet Muhammadbut also on the degrees that it spoke to the whole existence of ummah of the Prophet ﷺ. Islam in general and the Quran in particular inspired the Muslim scientists to seek out and strive for knowledge. They attained all these devoid of any clash with religion.Through this word the world has explored the nature and advanced in the scientific era. Islam is not for a specific group of people, it’s for humanity, Quran is for humankind and there is no restriction for anyone to seek knowledge by any means.

Source: Al Quran Surah Al Alaq: 2

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