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Top 35 tips to consider when creating a Nursery Room Decor Project

 When a new baby is underway, nursery room decor can become a very challenging and time-consuming project. Thus, designing and creating your new-born nursery becomes a completely tiresome and neck-breaking work if proper care is not taken – however, the reward is priceless if you care to take certain things into consideration. Since creating a happy nursery is one of the most important things to do when welcoming a new baby into the family, you should take it very seriously. Your nursery room decor for the new-born baby should incorporate functionality, style, and most importantly, safety. These are the following tips to help you make a good decision.


Before we talk about anything else, nursery room decor is not the same for everybody out there. We have different tastes and preferences. These are our guiding principles. However, there are general considerations regarding the creation of a healthy and safe nursery for a newborn baby.

General Considerations when creating a nursery decor for a new-born

  1. The General Layout and the Room location

When making a nursery for a new-born, the first thing to consider is the location of the room. It is advisable to use a room that is closer to your bedroom. The layout of the room to use is equally important. Is the room naturally cold? How big is the room? These are the questions you need to ask yourself. Would you need to provide adequate heating for the room? The lighting of the room is an equally important factor. If there is space, consider a new sink or basin in order to give easy access to water.

Things can become a mess if proper planning is not done in all these. You should consider sketching and drawing as well as visualizing your objectives on how you want the nursery to look like. There are a lot of places you can visit for that. For instance, nursery decor Ideas Pinterest offers great resources to help you plan a successful nursery room.

Nursery wall Decals

  1. Your inspiration should be the existing home décor

Including a personal touch to your nursery décor project should be a must. And to do that, you should carefully observe the current interior designs of the room in question or your bedroom. This is to help you come out with a better look for the new nursery so that it fits well with the rest of the already-existing home décor. When it comes to getting new ideas making use of the design ideas of your kitchen, your bedroom and furniture designs offer great help. Even if there is a need for changes in some of the other rooms, you should consider doing so.

  1. Colours (baby-friendly)

Babies have their own colours they love. Nurturing greens and neutral blues are known to work well when it comes to babies. Colours that are considered tranquil and calm should be used for your nursery room décor. Finishing is also one important factor as the one thing that can be irritating is reflective light. You should consider a matte or dull finish that will also provide a relaxing feel to the room and surroundings. With a myriad of paint types available, I hope you won’t suffer finding the best out there. Unique personalised wall stickers for nursery, perfect for adding a unique and meaningful touch to their space.

  1. The long term should always be the ultimate goal

Your child will not always remain in the baby phase. That’s a fact you should be used to. You need to think of the size of the furniture and how that will last enough to accommodate the growing or adolescent years of the child. You should also think about how useful you can have an adaptable décor that will make things easy for you to change anytime you want. For instance, you can decorate the walls with easy-to-remove cartoon characters so that when the child grows, removing them will not become a hurdle. If you plan well, that same room could serve as the room for that child until they get their own house in the future.

  1. Safety always comes first

It is great to ensure that your nursery décor is fitted with beautiful and wonderful fixtures as well as decorated with beautiful paintings. However, in all that, safety should be the ruling principle. Furniture, Cots, and baby gates should all be built on how safe they are to the baby. Things you need to critically examine to ensure safety is the lights, positions of the cots, heaters, and other decorations. This is like creating a safe-zone for your baby and making sure that your nursery room is worth what it’s worth.

  1. Major fixtures should be prioritized

You should always make sure that you work around the major fixtures even before you think of selecting colours. Did you know it is very easy and cost-effective if you create a match between fabrics, wallpaper, and paints to the main furniture? Yes, that’s very great. I am saying this because a lot of people choose colour themes first, which is not a great way of ensuring excellent fixtures for nursery décor.

  1. Room practicality as against looks

 One of the major challenging factors when creating a nursery room is ensuring that the main functionalities (access to water/heating etc.) are easy to use. Since you will surely change the colour of the paint, the furniture and other fixtures in the future, it is always better for practicality to come first. When you want to do this, you should always think about your needs and that of your baby’s.

  1. Be very innovative

Not every décor is a décor. Don’t’ try to use one décor as a jack of all trade. Though there are a lot of decors designed to fit a lot of purposes but not every furniture or accessory is designed or ideal for babies. The best thing to do is to think about interesting and amazing themes and imagery that will catch the interest of your baby. For instance, you can get a new stickers for nursery walls that equally make your Kid's Room wall brighter and creative.

Polka Dots nursery wall decals


  1. Always adapt.

As time goes on, we change a lot in most of the things we do and like. Minor changes are undoubtedly bound to come as your baby grows. Nursery room décor for the baby’s room should always be adapted to suit your baby as they grow. You should be gradually changing the room in terms of colour, themes, and decorations as the baby get older. Those rubber and cartoon-like tables and furniture will surely get old and uninteresting for your baby. You should consider changing to wooden furniture once the baby reaches a few years.

This should be constantly updated to ensure that, at any point in time, the baby's interests are accompanied by changes in themes and decors. Whatever décor or furniture choice you decide to upgrade to, make sure it suits the interest of your baby as well as the entire home decoration.

  1. Help from an expert is a must if you are stuck.

The myriad of choices when it comes to furniture and accessories for a nursery room décor can, sometimes, become so overwhelming and confusing. This calls for expert help. The experts do it better and they should be made to come in and help. You should try your best to seek the help of a nursery wall stickers expert as they are in the best position of giving you the best of advice.

  1. Keep things simple.

With a whole lot of themes, decors, and colours to work with, you might end up over-decorating your baby’s nursery room. The piece of furniture, themes, and general decorations should all be kept simple. To be simple, you just have to think about child-friendly designs and themes. Simplicity will also mean that the need to redecorate almost every year will be reduced. Won’t that even be a cost-saving tip?

  1. Creating timeless nurseries.

One good thing to consider when creating nursery decors is to make sure that your baby’s room is always kept timeless. You can do this by mixing and matching any retro species that you think will make things better.

  1. Mobility should be considered.

When decorating your baby’s room, you should make sure that you fix easily movable things. Your furniture and fittings, as well as all the interactive arts, should be made in such a way that they can easily be moved.

These are general rules meant to ensure that you undertake an excellent nursery décor project that will not just make your home beautiful but will keep your baby glued to the themes and decors at all times. Let’s, however, take a look at the following specific tips to help you make things even better for your home and your baby.

Storage considerations in a nursery room décor project.

When it comes to nursery rooms, storage is an important factor. These tips will help you get the best storage out of your nursery room.

JR Decal Wall Art

  1. Add a crib drawer: an under the crib drawer will ensure that linens are always kept handy. That makes your nursery spacious.
  2. Make use of laundry basket: always make sure you use a laundry basket for your baby’s nursery. Most of the laundry baskets in the market double as toy storage to give your baby’s toys a place of abode.
  3. Include larger bookshelves: bookshelves, and for that matter, larger ones are a must for your nursery. Not only will they store books but they will also act as storage spaces for your baby’s toys and other stuff.
  4. Include lots of baskets: you should make the inclusion of baskets a part and parcel of your nursery room décor They are great storage materials, sometimes, for clothes. They are also great tools to ensure proper room organization at all times.
  5. Shoe organizer should be included: I hope you are thinking; what will a shoe organizer be doing inside a small baby’s room? Well, you are right to think so. However, a shoe organizer can do more than just serve as a normal shoe organizer. It can act as a storage location for all the toy animal or kinds of stuff in your baby’s room.
  6. Hang wall hammock: this should be used to store wall plush animals.
  7. Keepsake boxes are needed: you should make room for a keepsake box for all the things that you don’t want to or can’t get rid of.

Beddings in nursery room décor planning

The following are tips to help make your bedding functional and stylish at all times.

kids room decor

  1. Make use of Quick Zip Crib Sheets:

This is a great tool as it will help in making fast bedding changes to your baby’s bed.

  1. Always embrace patterns:

As part of your bed styling, always make sure that you use a few coordinating patterns and prints that will create a larger space for your baby’s nursery.

Saving Money when planning for your nursery room décor project

I hope you wouldn’t want to blow your budget just to keep your baby’s room nice and stylish. That’s why we’ve taken the time to give you tips on how to save money while still getting the nursery room styled the way you want it.

  1. Decorations should be made of paint

Using paint for decoration is one of the cheapest ways of adding theme and interest to a room.

Save money for nursery Project

  1. Use yard sales

There are so many people who have old but nice nursery things to offload at an affordable rate. This is normally done at yard sales and you should try to get some there. The only thing you should be careful of is their standards.

  1. Hand me downs are not bad:

You can ask around your neighbourhoods for those who have dressers or bookshelves and you might come across a free hand me down.

Green nursery room décor tips

Since everybody is going green, I hope you don’t want to be the only one left out? Well, these are tips to help you stay green whiles organizing your nursery room.

Eco Nursery


  1. Hard floors are not bad

You should consider using hardwoods from sustainable forests. This will help you avoid the dust mites, the moulds, and the allergens of the carpet.

  1. Finish painting early enough

Always ensure that paintings are finished early. This helps you avoid potentially harmful chemical fumes before it reaches your precious baby.


  1. Green products should be used

Always make sure that you use non-toxic cleaning products and toiletries. These are products that go a long way to help you go green even in the nursery room.

Cleaning in nursery room décor planning

Your baby’s health should always be at the forefront of whatever you do. With that in mind, you should always make sure that whatever you do or use inside its room should be clean enough to ensure its health. The following tips will be of great help.



  1. Regular disposal

Your baby will continue to create messes all the time. These messes should always be disposed of. Diapers and other waste materials should be disposed of as soon as possible. Their early disposal will ensure that germs and other bacterial infections are not spread all over the place.


  1. Change mattress sheets and use disinfectants

For a clean baby nursery room, always make sure that the mattress’s sheets are changed always. This will ensure that bacterial infections are not spread throughout the room. You should also ensure that disinfectants are always used. Germs will keep on disturbing as long as babies create messes. These germs, if not well taken care of, will cause a lot of problems for both the child and yourself. The only way to get these germs out is to use disinfectants all the time.

Safety in nursery room décor planning/project

One last, but not least thing you wouldn’t want to leave out when planning a nursery room décor project is the safety of your new-born baby. If you are worried about not knowing how to ensure your child’s safety, then the following tips will be of great help to you and to your baby’s safety.

Baby Safety

  1. Crib mattresses should be checked for gaps

Your baby’s mattress is the first point of call when ensuring your baby’s safety. Always ensure that the crib of the mattress is checked properly to ensure that your baby doesn’t end up slipping in between those cribs.

  1. Doorstops should be replaced with removable caps

Children can easily and dangerously get choked on doorstops. The best thing to do is to replace those stops with removable caps.

  1. Install window guards

Babies play a lot and depending on the window level, falling off will not be a surprise. For safety purposes, always make sure that window guards are installed. This will, in any case, prevent your baby from falling off.

  1. Keep plastic bags away from the baby’s room

Suffocation has become one of the scenarios that have killed a lot of babies around the world. You surely would not want your baby to be part of that. Well, then the best thing to do is to ensure that plastic bags are kept far away from your baby’s room in order to prevent suffocation.

  1. Cover Electrical Outlets

 Many babies have seen their deaths as a result of open electrical sockets and other outlets. You should always make sure that all electrical sockets in your baby’s room are properly covered.


After all, we hope that these tips become great guiding tools to help you keep your baby not just safe, but healthy and clean at all times. As to whether you are making changes to an already-existing nursery or you are building a completely new nursery room décor from scratch, the above tips are great resources that will guide you to make a good decision based on a lot of things. This means that the safety, health, cleanliness, and excellent growth of your child will all be assured.


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